Adopting a cat when my lease says I can't have more than one


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Apr 29, 2022
I know that. The problem is that neither my doctor nor my therapist are "comfortable" writing a letter for me allowing me to have a 2nd cat or an ESA animal. They think I am basically capable of caring for only one animal. This is partly because of me being in a wheelchair and needing an aide to help me dump the litter pans and take the litter to the dumpster which is 1 1/2 blocks away. I never leave my apartment. I am so depressed right now I can't tell you. Nothing ever changes. My life has nothing that's exciting and new. It seems I can't get anyone to see that and help me change that.
That can be hard. Try to make life with your current cat exciting. Spend time doing what you can to enrich your current cat's life. I don't know your disability, but if you can do DIYs there are tons of things to make or games and puzzles to play with your current cat.

Consider too if you are on disability payments if you can afford the vet care of two cats, plus added food and litter which have gone up 200%.

You'd also need support to properly introduce two cats and would need to plan that in advance. (I did as well, and had a friend come by.)

Is there some services that can help you to get out of the apartment more in your area? Your local community centre or many places have companion programs.

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