A quiz for YOUR CAT!!!!


TCS Member
Young Cat
May 23, 2016


1) What is your favorite food?

I love Applaws and Felix, but my favourites are whatever I'm not supposed to be having. I particularly like salt and vinegar chips!
Applaws is my favourite. Waiting for mummy to get it out of the tin is like a lifetime wait!

2) What is your fav. color? 

I love sleeping on mummy's blue jeans, so I would say blue.

I don't care what colour it is as long as I can climb it!

3) If you live with other cats/pets do you think theres a favorite? 

I think that I'm the favourite because I'm so fluffy and calm.

I get into more trouble than my brother, but I give the bestest cuddles.

4) How many hours do you WISH you could sleep?

I need to sleep lots because I'm still a baby, but  I would much rather be awake and exploring all the time. 

Me and my brother don't ever want to sleep until we absolutely have to! I like sleeping on mummy's face though.

5) How annoying is your Meowmy?

Mummy can be annoying when she wants to cuddle me when I want to play, but daddy is definitely the most annoying.

Mummy and Daddy both tell me off when I'm naughty which I don't like. I should be able to climb everything!

6) Do you like to watch TV?

I love watching the TV, but my favourite screen is mummy's laptop. I love chasing that little white thing that moves around on the screen.

I would rather be on top of the tv rather than watching it.

7) What is your favorite sleeping spot? 

Wherever the dirty laundry is. Or curled up next to mummy.

Right in the middle of mummy and daddy when they're trying to sleep.

8) How many times a day do you actually go back and forth to your food dish?

I like to have a nibble through the day at the biscuits, but mostly I go looking when it's almost food time. 

I love my biscuits, but  like my brother I only tend to go to the food area when I'm thirsty or when I'm telling mum I want to be fed.

9) What is your favorite room in the house? 

The living room and the bedroom. I like to be up on my cat tree or on top of the wardrobe.

The bathroom! It's so much fun in there, with the big white bowl for me to jump around in.

10) And last but not least, what is your FAVORITE WEBSITE? 

I don't care much for the internet, but I love it when mummy plays rollercoaster tycoon on her computer because I can chase the things on the screen. 

The only time I'm interested in the computer is if I'm stopping mummy from using it!