7mth old weighing 600g, need nutrition advice


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Jul 2, 2014
Vet has ruled out most viruses/infection/parasites, reluctant to do further testing as it stresses her, and shes too small.
She was severely ill from 10weeks to about 18weeks, chronic diarrhea and an anal prolapse.
We tried various "diets" to eliminate the runs, and she settled on boiled chicken legs with lots of water/fat and Pro Kolin and started to put on weight, from 375 to 550 or so grams, we then slowly put her back onto kitten food as its complete and nutritionally balanced.
However shes not seemingly gaining much weight now, over 2 weeks shes stayed at 600g, weighed at the vets.
Shes got Glaucoma, uevitis and cateracts.
Theres is no known reason for this, but now the vet has said its possibly due to being so malnourished when ill, she couldn't absorb nutrients and with the various diets we tried, although they are fine short term, they are not mixed enough to offer all she needs.

She seems to not be able to absorb what she needs from kitten food, but her appetite and poop is now fine.
She had a bout after staying at the vets and her prolapse returned so shes back on chicken mush temporarily, but she is looking good from it, the fats etc helping her gain weight?
So I dont want dodgy vet specialist diets, as Ive just been offered, Id rather make it myself.
Where can I get supplements, or what can I cook with the chicken, add to her meals to make them nutritionally complete?

Thank you.



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Aug 13, 2009
Along with the needed organs and calcium and other supplements (which you'll discover from reading the above link), you may want to try adding some Digestive Enzymes to her diet.  That may help her take advantage of as much of the nutrients as possible.  Prozyme is a good one.  That's what I use with my senior, who is skinny as a rail