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5 week old kitten care.

Discussion in 'Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care' started by ambabe90210, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. ambabe90210

    ambabe90210 Thread Starter TCS Member Kitten

    Aug 24, 2011
    South East England
    Hi all, I'm in need of some advice.

    I was due to get a kitten from a friend in a few weeks but unfortunately his mother hasn't been seen since Monday [​IMG] my friend really doesn't know a lot about cats (the kittens were a mistake mum got out before being neutered and 9 weeks later the little bundle arrived) so I have agreed to take him on early.

    I have a little experience with young kittens when I had to subsidize feeding a litter when mum was ill and not doing a proper job, so I know to make sure he has the kitten formula milk and so on. However I am lost beyond that.

    He refuses to use the litter tray, if I put him in it he scampers away, as yet he's not pooped and he's been here almost 2 days now. I thought at 5 weeks they were doing this themselves, or does mum still lick them to get them to go?

    in general he seems content enough, he's latched on to me as mummy and seems to like my youngest daughter too which is good. He does the cloth licking thing and squeaks when he's hungry. He is eating fine (won't touch meat but likes the kitten biscuits, which is what he was eating before coming here) and loves the formula which I'm giving him as per the instructions (135ml a day over about 4 feeds)

    Can anyone help with the litter thing and/or suggest anything else I should be doing. (he has a vets appointment next Tuesday)

    Sorry about the long post.

  2. jbsmomto1

    jbsmomto1 TCS Member Young Cat

    Jun 24, 2011
    at 5 weeks old this baby should be eating canned food, and getting ready to rid the last of the bottles. I let my fosters decide when to earn but generally they are fully done by 5 weeks. I have had a few that were longer to give up nighttime bottles, but they did by 6 weeks.

    As for using the box and going on his own, he certainly should be able to do this on his own, at 3.5 weeks i offer a litter box, put them in before a feed and after playing etc etc ,by the end of the 4th week they are mostly trained. A few accidents maybe but not usually many. If he hasn't gone at all in 2 days, take a damp, cloth an stimulate him over the litter box, let the urine drip into the box, any poop you find in his bed, pick it up and put it in the box.

    Are you sure of his age? He sounds pretty young still to be on 4 feeds, maybe drop a feed to encourage him to eat more solid food. He needs meat, it's the main part of his diet, heat it up so it smells stronger and show it to him, if he still refuses, put some on your finger and rub it on his lips, or if he will let you the roof of his mouth, it won;t take long. Also you can try putting some formula in his canned food and mix it all in. He really needs that protein meat offers, feral kittens do not seek out rice, corn, fruits or veggies etc etc....they go for the meat.

    Idk but he really does sound younger than 5 weeks to me, here kittens often go to new homes weaned and trained by 6 weeks (I think its a bit young but thats what people do). Mind you it may be the you over the pond do things differently.

  3. jenny1978

    jenny1978 TCS Member Adult Cat

    Aug 19, 2011
    Give the kitten a few days. Monty did this when i found him at 4 weeks old, he didn't poo for a few days and the vet told me it was probably due to the stress of being up-rooted from his mom. I did have to litter train him myself but now he is going poo and pee often.

    Monty has weened himself off the morning bottle but we are working on the afternoon one now.

    Monty is very tiny for his age so he is gonna be on the formula a tad longer but that's ok with me, its our bonding time LOL.

    If he is that tiny, he may just need a little extra time and encouragement. He will get the hang of things very soon[​IMG]

  4. ambabe90210

    ambabe90210 Thread Starter TCS Member Kitten

    Aug 24, 2011
    South East England
    Thanks for the help guys [​IMG]

    He is def 5 weeks (well about 5 1/2 now) I was going by what was written on the formula tin for feeds based on his weight, he is only half a kilo so they suggest the higher amount... I will give dropping 1 feed a go and see how he gets on. I will also try warming his meat up a little, hopefully that will help, I much prefer the idea if canned/pouched food for him, biscuits just don't offer enough on their own really.

    One bit of good news though got up this morning and had 2 little piles waiting for me, not in the tray but at least he has been. I put them into the litter tray in the hope it would encourage him. I will have to be persistent with the litter I think, he really doesn't get it lol. I'm sure he will in time though.

  5. jen

    jen TCS Member Top Cat

    Dec 27, 2001
    Hudson, OH
    I assume a 5 week old kitten doesn't have run of your house right? Make sure his litterbox is nearby all the time where you are keeping him. So it is a constant reminder.

    Also, if he is eating dry kibble, and it is a good quality kitten kibble that is fine. If he is happy and healthy and the right weight I wouldn't worry too much.


  6. ambabe90210

    ambabe90210 Thread Starter TCS Member Kitten

    Aug 24, 2011
    South East England
    He has the run of the kitchen and utility room [​IMG] (places where cleanup is easy lol) He's 6 weeks now though so is being allowed a little more freedom, so long as he is supervised.

  7. emmykittiecrazy

    emmykittiecrazy TCS Member Kitten

    Jul 7, 2013

    my cat had kittens nearly 6 weeks ago and everything is going fine. i manage to get the 3 kittens to go in the litter tray. they go for a wee but not a poo yet. i manage to get them to use the litter tray by putting them in the tray and hold their paw and show him how to dig and that should do it. thats all i know.

     hope it helps. :)

  8. dawnm

    dawnm TCS Member Kitten

    Jun 17, 2015
    I have a bottle baby and she is just over 5 weeks got her at about 3 days. She has decided that she does not want bottle anymore all by herself. she loves me i am mommy. She is eating wet food and using her box... At about  4 weeks i put her in the box with her poop and she did it her self from there

  9. asia

    asia TCS Member Kitten

    Oct 22, 2016
    I uave a almost week kitten and hes litter box trained. H le is a orphan and i recued him a 4 weeks. I feed him baby cereal and condensed pet milk, 2ith a semi sweeten yogurt, he loves it. 2to 3 hours a day. I bottle feed and he is eating soft kitty food. He is happy, healthy and loved very much. Oh his name is Jason.

    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 30, 2016

  10. Sarthur2

    Sarthur2 Cat lady extraordinaire Staff Member Advisor

    Mar 8, 2015
    Sunny Florida
    What a cutie! 😻

  11. jennyr

    jennyr TCS Member Top Cat

    Dec 6, 2004
    The Land of Cheese
    Please do not feed him baby6 cereal or any sweetened yoghurt. These are really bad for him. Plain yoghurt is fine, and wet kitten food is perfect.
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