3 cats, one peeing in house, bullying, etc


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Mar 2, 2014
Just less than a year ago we added a 3rd kitty. All 3 cats are males and exclusively indoors. The oldest male laid down the law and showed the kitten whom is boss. The middle one not so much. Now the kitten bullies the middle one! Chases him around the house, etc. Zeldan (the middle one), doesn't like it, growls and hisses at him. Within the last few weeks Zeldan has started peeing and pooping on the floor in the house. Currently, the cats use a cat door onto the balcony as we live in a condo and have access to 3 litter boxes on the deck. I can't have the litter in the house due to allergies. And I've tried all the natural litters with no avail as Zeldan will only use clay. Trust me, I've tried!

So now, the kitten, Thompson, is bullying Zeldan, to the point he attacks him when he wants to go outside or stays outside and won't let him through the door to use the litter boxes. Zeldan holds his bladder, and pees on the floor or poops if he has to go badly.

We have a small house, but I've put an empty litter box on the second level. Zeldan will go in an empty box with no litter but the others won't. I thought this would be the perfect solution but he keeps peeing on the floor. He either goes near the door to the deck or on the otherwise of the room in my sons play area. I have used an enzyme cleaner to clean it up but it doesn't seem to have stopped him from going in the same spots.

I've tried the Comfort Zone defuser to try and calm the cats down but that doesn't seem to have worked.

I have seriously considered rehoming one of them but this really makes me sad as I love all of my kitties :sigh:

I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me? There is nothing medically wrong with the cat. I'm considering caging the kitten at night with water and a litter box. All of my cats tend to use the litter box first thing in the morning before we are up. This would give Zeldan a chance to use the box in peace!



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Aug 13, 2013
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How did you go about introducing the newest cat? You may need to consider a reintroduction.

Part of Zeldan's behavior is likely marking his territory. He feels threatened and wants Thompson to know that he (Zeldan) owns/belongs in the house too.

How much play time does Thompson get on a daily basis? Do you have toys like Neko Flies or Da Bird to engage with him? Perhaps part of the problem is that Thompson is bored and chasing after Zeldan is a fun game.

I use Feliway in my house. It took a solid 3 months of continuous use before I noticed ANY change in the house. Now, when the diffusers get low or empty I can tell a difference in my cats' behavior.