2 cats 1 is a bully


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May 23, 2024
I have a cat that's had been scared the whole time I've had her. My son also has a cat in the house. She is the bully. My cat, Lily has always been nervous, hiding all the time. There was a time she would not come out of that room at all. Her previous owners kept her in a room all the time.

I was happy that Lily started leaving the room. This was recently. At first the other cat, Bug, didnt seemed bothered. They seemed to be playing running around the whole house. But now, Bug is picking on Lily. Poor Lily is very afraid now. She's always hiding and has even become cautious with me. I want that bully behavior to stop. However, my Lily is losing tufts of hair. Any noise triggers her to run.

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can help her? TIA!


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Jun 13, 2018
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Hi and welcome to TCS! If these two cats were getting along and now they are not - then something has changed in between then and now. It is up to you to determine what that was/is. Bug didn't just change into a bully for no reason.

The first thing to rule out is health issues. There are cats who are ill and will lash out at other cats, and to the opposite there are cats who are ill and that will cause another cat to become hostile with them.

You have to look for other things that have changed in their environment as well. Stray cats or other critters hanging around the house can set off aggressive behavior. Strange noises, construction work, changes in household routines, etc. Anything that cold have 'upset the apple cart' in their lives - and, cats can be affected far more easily than humans by these types of changes. It isn't necessarily an easy investigative task, but worth the effort to pursue possibilities.

Lastly if all other efforts fail, you can do one of two things - 1.) if they were never introduced properly, you can start the process of doing so the right way. I've attached a TCS article to help with that (see link below). 2.) you can start picking up Bug every time she goes after Lily, say a firm 'No' or hiss in her face (pick one) and put her in a 1-2 minute time out to let her know her behavior is unacceptable. The key to making this effective is consistency and patience. It has to be done each and every time for it to make an impact. This approach can also help Lily's confidence as she will soon learn that you have her back and will 'protect' her.

I have also included an article about aggression in case that might help you during your investigation process.
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