stress in cats

  1. You, Your Cat And Stress

    You, Your Cat And Stress

    Occasionally, a member posts in the cat behavior forum asking for advice on what is clearly a stress-related behavioral issue. It soon becomes evident that the member is stressed too, often not due to the cat's issue but to other life circumstances. It can be a vicious cycle: a stressed owner...
  2. Anti-anxiety Medication For Cats

    Anti-anxiety Medication For Cats

    When cat owners face behavior problems, such as litter-box avoidance or aggression, changes to the cat’s routine and various training techniques are usually suggested. However, there are times when behavior modification techniques are not enough. They fail to work because the cat, either due to...
  3. Six Surefire Strategies To Reduce Stress In Cats

    Six Surefire Strategies To Reduce Stress In Cats

    If you suspect your cat is over-stressed, please refer to this article first: How to tell if your cat is stressed out. Please note that your veterinarian must first rule out, or treat, any medical problems. You can still implement the stress-reducing strategies listed in this article, but...
  4. Separation Anxiety In Cats

    Separation Anxiety In Cats

    Wikipedia says separation anxiety disorder (SAD) is a psychological condition in which an individual experiences excessive anxiety regarding separation from home or from people to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment. It’s often associated with dogs who, left alone, display...
  5. Is Your Cat Stressed Out?

    Is Your Cat Stressed Out?

    Stress is a part of life, and pretty much everything and anything can stress some cats. Events, situations and ongoing conditions can all create some amount of stress. The reaction to stress varies greatly from one cat to another, with some felines being far more sensitive than others. However...
  6. Potential Stressors In Cats - The Ultimate Checklist

    Potential Stressors In Cats - The Ultimate Checklist

    Does your cat have behavioral or health problems? Could they be due to stress? Litterbox issues, aggression, skin disease and bowel conditions - as well as many other health and behavior problems - can all be triggered or exacerbated by stress. As cat owners, we should always be aware of the...