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  1. Eye Problems In Cats: What Every Owner Needs To Know

    Eye Problems In Cats: What Every Owner Needs To Know

    A cat's eyes are more than a window to the feline soul. The eyes are amazingly intricate organs that provide our little predator with critical sensory input. Unfortunately, eyes are also very delicate. They may not need constant grooming or require any special routine care, but when eye problems...
  2. Ocular (eye) Herpes In Cats

    Ocular (eye) Herpes In Cats

    You may have heard of herpes disease in humans but did you know that there is also a cat version of Herpes? This tricky virus usually attacks the cat's respiratory system but in many cases - especially with young kittens - it goes directly for the eyes, causing a severe viral eye infection that...
  3. Tear Stains In Cats (including 5 Actionable Treatment Tips)

    Tear Stains In Cats (including 5 Actionable Treatment Tips)

    Tear Stains In Cats (including 5 Actionable Treatment Tips)Tear stains on a cat’s face can be a common but unwelcome sight. The dark brown stain marks Kitty’s fur, crusts over, smells bad and is sticky, too. It’s unsightly, but is it unhealthy? The lighter the fur, the more noticeable it can be...
  4. Eye Infections In Cats

    Eye Infections In Cats

    Cats are prone to eye infections at any age. Crowded conditions can easily spread infections from one cat to another. The most common cause can be bacteria, fungus or a virus. Younger cats are more likely to get Chlamydia and Mycoplasma which are bacterial. Calicivirus is another common cause -...
  5. Odd-eyed Cats

    Odd-eyed Cats

    Cats with one blue and one green or yellow eye are striking. How does that happen? And is it true that odd-eyed cats are deaf in one ear as well? What causes a cat’s eyes to be two different colors? Complete heterochromia, a condition where a gene suppresses the full color of pigment from...
  6. Blind Cats

    Blind Cats

    Photo of Gwen and Homer the blind catHomer begins his sneak attack by flattening to the floor and in silent mode, approaches within pouncing distance. For Homer, quiet is equal to invisible. As he gathers himself for the final leap, the other cat jumps him! How do they always know? They can see...
  7. A Cat's Eyes: Windows To The Soul

    A Cat's Eyes: Windows To The Soul

    Vision in Cats – An Extraordinary Sense! Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with a local veterinary ophthalmologist and ask several questions about cats, how they see and the mechanics of their eyes. It seems that cats can see everything we do and in some instances, much more than we are...