ZooPlus Relax Scratch Bed


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Manufacturer's Description:Here is a great addition to the traditional cat tree. The outside of the 2-in-1 Relax scratch bed is a gorgeous butterfly pattern and the inside is corrugated cardboard. But it is more than a scratch pad, it is also a great place to snooze and dream. The inside has a 39cm diameter so it is big enough for larger cat breeds.Also included is a sachet of catnip which you can sprinkle on the furniture to give your cat a real treat. Your cat will never want to leave this bed. And when it has had enough of scratching at the corrugated cardboard it can curl up in the hollow and dream of further adventures.When the Relax scratch bed looks very worn, you can simply dispose of it along with your other household recycling rubbish!

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Pros: Big enough for large cats. Great bowl shape design. looks attractive.
We ordered a couple of these for our two girls to go on top of the wardrobe in the spare bedroom (the cats room) and they were an instant hit. The design of these beds mean they are comfortable for even large cats to sleep in, in fact my big girl has ditched her nest on the cat tree in favour of one of these and that's saying something! They are sturdy when getting a good clawing and attractive too and come with a little bag of cat nip to sprinkle on. We will definitely be ordering a couple more for under the table in the living room. A must for cats that like to scratch cardboard.