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5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
Pros: - diversity regarding brands, almost complete store (I shop in .pt or .es site)
- lots of promos and interesting prices
- good support team and free shipping
- goods delivered in optimal condition oi
Cons: - on the delivery day you're not notified so if you miss it you'll have to go and pick tem up
- health supplements could have a better offer
- they don't have Naturo wet food for cats (they have it for dogs)
- points program is a bit random
Great online place to shop for your pets! Affordable, easy to surf, bonus points, disccount offers, etc.
Possibilty to get notified when your favourite product comes in stock.
It's a trustworthy website to purchase, with a good range of real premium feeding, high quality scratchers/toys/posts/etc.
Lacks offer regarding health supplements (but they have good veterinary diets) but on the overall is a great shop, so feeling free to spurge a bit there! :)
5.00 star(s)
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Pros: Good Selection of foods,litters,toys etc
Cons: Some offers can be a bit hard to understand for some.
I finally worked up the nerve to try this site out because of some suggestions here on the cat site and other sites. And I'm glad I did you can get quite a decent amout of stuff for not a lot of money. What I did not know before buying tho is they seem to ship from germany and not the UK which is not bad but quite surprising the first time I ordered and it took 4-5 days (but then again it was shipped with yodel so it may not be 100% zooplus fault).

They have a decent range of dry & wet cat food at decent prices ( I do a comparision to the place I use to shop at and found that zooplus is cheaper on brands both the old place and zooplus carries). They also have a decent amount of treats, toys cat tree's,litter etc.

I have only started using them in the last 1-2 months and have placed 3 orders with them and thus far love them and will keep buying from.

The great thing about zooplus is they offer a reward points program and also offer a savings plan.

The saving plan I bought was £4.70 and is for 7% all orders for a year plus is there is a % off voucher code you can use it with the 7% and have already saved over the price I paid for it just 2 orders!

Thus far the products I have tried from zooplus are great and the customer service is quick to respond to questions and issues!.
Pros: wide range of products available - especially foods
Cons: Can't alter an order after placing it
I've been using zooplus for almost a year now. I get the majority of my cat and dog food from them, but have also bought cat trees and scratchers, toys, and a litter tray.

They have the best prices I've found on the majority of the cat food (and the dog food) I use - the only exception is the supermarket quality cat food that my old boy refuses to totally abandon. The range of grain free foods they carry is great. I'd really struggle to keep a decent rotation going without them - the range of food available locally is not good. I've never once had to pay for delivery, which is another bonus. It's relatively easy to bump an order value over their £29 limit...I do have 5 mouths to feed though. I love the subscribe and save feature. Additionally, if the order value is over £75 you can enter the code STOCK-UP at the checkout and get an additional 5% off the order. This really does make the overall savings significant. The pet points are a good system too...not only can you donate them, but it's a great way to trial a new food; they generally have a number of different options available, and at least no money's been wasted if a fussy cat (or dog) won't touch it.

The cat trees and scratchers are great prices, and seem to be good quality too. They have an amazing selection - the only hard part is choosing ;)

I do wish it was possible to make changes to an order immediately after placing it (amazon offer a 10 or 15 minute window). I ordered by mistake a couple of times (thank you, fibromyalgia brain :rolleyes: ). On both occasions I had to refuse the order and start again. It would be so much simpler if you could make a basic alteration or cancellation online. I will say that their customer service is very good and easy to deal with though.

I can't see myself ever stopping using them...even though my hallway permanently looks like a mini pet store :lol3:

*side note (and sorry Anne Anne if this isn't okay - remove if you want to) if you join http://www.topcashback.co.uk and log onto zooplus via that site, you can get an additional 4.04% cashback on every purchase. Not masses, but I find every saving helps with so many to feed*


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