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ZiwiPeak Daily Cat Cuisine Canned - Various flavors

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  1. Foreverme
    "Excellent food"
    After much much research on cat nutrition the only 2 canned cat food brands I allow my cats eat are Ziwi Peak and Feline Natural. I purchase both through Chewy. My cats love both these foods.
    I have seen too many cats get sick because of improper nutrition. Almost all other foods contain an ingredient which is not digestible, causes inflammation or inhibits the absorption of Protien. Please do you cats a favor stop feeding guar gum, carrageenan, agar agar, locust bean gum, potatoes, tapioca, rice, Ect. It’s harmful to cats. Clay is ok and can be beneficial IF it’s high quality otherwise it too is junk. Remember nutrition and love are everything to these beautiful creatures
  2. ruaryx
    "Cats LOVED it"
    Pros - great ingredients
    Cons - expensive, smells weird
    I received a few cans as free samples in various flavors.  First of all, the food smells really weird.  I'm assuming this is because it is still somehow technically raw.  The texture is also really thick.  Surprisingly, my cats LOVED it.  One of my cats isn't too keen about raw food but she licked her empty plate and moved it around to look for any food that may have fallen for like 10 minutes after she finished it.  It is quite expensive, but since my cats love it so much, I probably will buy more at some point as a special treat. 
  3. lisamarie12
    "A nutrient dense, quality food"
    Purchase Date:
    Jan 1, 2014
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Bio appropriate ingredients
    Cons - Green lipid mussels / shellfish
    I used ZP's canned venison as well as the rabbit / lamb on several occasions, back in 2013 for a couple of months and then again in 2014, for several weeks.

    Despite the hefty price, I had hoped we could use ZP as part of our rotation. The ingredients are top notch, quality and it appears to be low carb.

    My concern initially with this food was the use of green lipped mussels. Before I started using ZP, I contacted the company and spoke with Kimberly, the VP of ZP.  When I told her I thought my cats might have a sensitivity to fish (they are definitely allergic to chicken) and hence the GLM, I was told, "ZP uses only 'clean' GLM from 'clean' New Zealand waters, cats that are allergic to fish are usually eating fish from contaminated waters", etc.....

    Well, my cats had a major itch fest on this food, unfortunately, I can only attribute it to the GLM, which isn't just the fatty acids (as in salmon oil that is included in some canned foods) but the protein in GLM.

    If your cats aren't allergic to fish and you are willing to pay the mighty price per can for ZP, then it is a fine food. 

    To their credit, ZP removed the carrageenan from their food which they used for many years, back in 2014.
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