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Yesterday's News Original Cat LitterYesterday's News brand litters are made with recycled newspapers so they're environmentally friendly. Yesterday's News is 3x more absorbent than clay litter for highly effective odor control. Plus, it's 99.7% dust free and there's low tracking.Available in 5 lb., 15 lb. and 30 lb. bags.


Yesterday's News
30-lb bag
Phillips Feed & Pet Supply
Phillips Feed & Pet Supply
Phillips Feed & Pet Supply
Phillips Feed & Pet Supply
YESTERDAY'S NEWS PRODUCTS 702305 Yesterday'S News Cat Litter, 30-Pound
30-lb bag
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Pros: that it's recycled paper
Cons: expensive to use over time as you have to keep dumping the whole litter box due to it being soaked with urine
I did not like this litter at all. Most of all I did not like how the pellets absorbed the urine and just created a mess in the litter box.  You can not scoop it and it was just messy and gross. I went through  a30b bag in like a week and a half as I had to keep tossing out all the litter.  I tried to put less of a layer so that I was not wasting so much with each dump but the cats did not like having a smaller amount. 

If you are looking for a clean litter box, I don't recommend this litter. 
Pros: Odor Control, Easy to Change, Low Tracking
Cons: Cats prefer a smaller-grain litter
I never tried a nonclumping litter before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised though. When I first put this in the box, my cats looked at it strangely, but they did use it. The odor control was really good. I had a lot less tracking than my usual clumping corn-based litter. You don't put a lot of this type of litter in the box - just enough to cover the bottom. Then just scoop out solid waste, mix the litter up so the urine dries faster and you're done. I usually dump the whole thing once per week (two cats). You need to use a litter scoop with large holes. I have one litter box with this litter and two others with a clumping litter. My cats seem to prefer the clumping litter, but they do use the Yesterdays News as well, just not as often. So while I like this litter, I probably won't buy it again just because my cats prefer something else.
Pros: little dust
Cons: falls apart, smells, hard little pellets
When I opened up the bag & poured it in I knew right then I was dealing with nothing I've ever dealt with before. Whenever I try a new littler, I let the old stuff get down to a few inches & then pour the new stuff on top. I barely mix it in cause I want to know how the new stuff is going to work. After all three of my cats were afraid to climb in the box, I then had to really mix it all up. The package says right on it "The soft texture of paper is gentle on sensitive paws". I don't know what could be further from the truth, these little pellets are hard! There's nothing soft about them whatsoever. They are long like a wooden match stick. After I cleaned the box for the first time, that's when I decided to write this review & let others know before hand what they're in for.

So when it comes time to clean the box, I use a regular big plastic scoop with the slats & normally can feel the urine balls & scoop them out. These pellet things are so hard, I can't feel anything but them. I get the waste out & normally I shake a little to let the remaining litter fall back into the box, not with this stuff. If you don't sit there & shake the scoop back & forth, you will basically scoop out the litter that's unused. What a waste! When I was doing this, I decided to shake it since I bought it, I want to feel like I got some worth out of it, meanwhile the urine clumps fall apart.

I feel the idea is great, if they would maybe compact it even more into tiny little balls that might be better? I thought when the urine hit one, it would totally expand like paper, nope, they stay in their hard little matchstick form.
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Vets often recommend this for post-surgery litter because it has no dust and cannot irritate incisions.  I prefer to use a smaller grained paper-based litter for that purpose which more accurately mimics regular cat litter.  I don't think Yesterdays News is the best choice for daily use but do think it is excellent for post surgery litter.  You dig out the solids and any soaked patched and you should be done with using it in about a week anyhow.
Really? I don't notice a smell at all. That's one of the first things I liked about it. One of the things I hate most about a lot of the natural cat litters is the smell - either like wood or a "grain" smell. For some reason that really bothers me; however, I smell nothing at all from Yesterday's News. I guess we are all sensitive to certain scents!
did not like this litter at all. it was messy and got soaked with urine very easily. I went though  30b back in like a week and a half as I had to keep tossing out all the litter.  I tried to put less of a layer so that I was not wasting so much with each dump but the cats did not like having a smaller amount.