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Pros: Smells great, works like a charm, cat likes it
Cons: It really does get everywhere, pricey
When I adopted my new cat, I was really nervous about which litter to use. I have had experiences with cheaper brands before, and they seemed okay with other cats, but I wanted something that would be perfect for my cat. I heard quite a bit about this litter, so I decided to give it a shot.

The first thing I noticed was the smell. My girlfriend hated it (she said it smelled a bit like pee), but it smelled nice to me. The texture was different than what I-and I'm sure my cat-were used to, so I hoped that it would be okay. And it was! Not only does my cat like it, but it's also AMAZING to clean up. So easy!

For the cons...aside from it being rather pricey (for me, anyway), like the reviewer before me said: it gets everywhere. After one day the area around his litter box looks like a warzone. Definitely put a mat (or two...or three) down there!

Other than that, it's great. I was debating about what other brands to try, but I'll definitely be sticking to this one for a long time.
Pros: Clumps well, all natural, and still smells great
Cons: gets everywhere.
This litter is fantastic. It has a great, natural smell that doesn't leave a dry, powder-like feeling in your nose the way most litters do when you switch them out. It clumps VERY well with urine. The ONLY downside to this litter, is that for my cats, after they are done using the restroom, they have a hard time cleaning up after themselves, as they like to be VERY clean. My cats will use the edge of the litter box to scrape off their paws, and in doing so, they get it all over the litter box room. I think this problem mainly occurs when they urinate, because the litter dissolves into clumps darn near instantly. What I did to rectify that problem was put a welcome mat underneath the box. That way, I could just shake it off in my yard, and if there is any left on the floor, I just vacuum it, because it's light enough to vacuum. I very much recommend any of the litters in this brand, especially if you try to get all natural everything.