World's Best Forest Scented Clumping Litter

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World's Best Cat Litter is the only litter that harnesses the concentrated power of whole-kernel corn to guarantee outstanding odor control and easy cleanup. More and more pet parents are solving their litter box problem with World's Best Cat Litter because it's the quick clumping and easy scooping solution that is pet, people and planet friendly!And now it comes in a natural Forest Scented formula! Made with the addition of 100% natural wood fibers, this clumping formula is ideal for cat owners who prefer a fresh forest scent.Outstanding Odor ControlQuick ClumpingEasy ScoopingLong LastingPet, People & Planet Friendly


World's Best Cat Litter
Superior odor control
All-natural cat litter with wood fiber for a pleasant forest scent
Quick-clumping and easily scoopable kitty litter formula
Ideal for mechanical litter boxes
Earth-friendly (made from renewable whole-kernel corn)
PFX Denver
PFX Denver
PFX Denver
PFX Denver
World's Best Forest Scented Clumping Litter - 12lb
12 lbs.
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Item Height
11 inches
Item Length
4.4 inches
Item Width
10.5 inches
Package Height
4.1 inches
Package Length
13.7 inches
Package Weight
11.8 pounds
Package Width
10.1 inches

Latest reviews

Pros: Great clumping, great odor control, not perfume-y, good, light color
Cons: A little more expensive, but worth it.
I have used the Worlds Best for the past two years, for my two large cats and have loved it.   This brand was recommended by my cat vet and it was a great referral.

Because I am extremely allergic to the clumping agents used in most litters, World's Best is the only litter that doesn't make me sick like that.  I understand that the reason is that they don't use chemicals in their litter, but rather the clumping agent is something natural. Their formula is 'proprietary" of course, but I am told that there are no harsh chemicals, and given my lack of allergic reactions / sickness when using it, I tend to believe them. 

This has to be better for my cats, while breathing it in and getting it on their paws, I would think, than the regular clumping litters.

The red and black bag, multi-cat clumping was excellent ( see my other review )   but I found I like the Forest Scented the best.  

The Forest Scented It is the light color of sawdust, but not powdery.  Its scent is very faint, it clumps great, very good odor control, but also its light beige color and consistency allows me to really check my IBS cat's output, for diagnostic purposes.

It doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan ( I do use double garbage bag liners in two large boxes), no urine sludge to dig out, EVER  and is all around excellent. 

I usually scoop two or three times a day, but no matter what litter I use, I find they ALL have to be dumped out every two weeks, with my two big cats.
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Pros: Clumps well, all natural, and still smells great
Cons: Gets everywhere depending on cat.
This litter is fantastic. It has a great, natural smell that doesn't leave a dry, powder-like feeling in your nose the way most litters do when you switch them out, although this particular has a less strong smell than the lavender scented litter. Other than that, it's just as great as the lavender one. It clumps VERY well with urine. The ONLY downside to this litter, is that for my cats, after they are done using the restroom, they have a hard time cleaning up after themselves, as they like to be VERY clean. My cats will use the edge of the litter box to scrape off their paws, and in doing so, they get it all over the litter box room. I think this problem mainly occurs when they urinate, because the litter dissolves into clumps darn near instantly. What I did to rectify that problem was put a welcome mat underneath the box. That way, I could just shake it off in my yard, and if there is any left on the floor, I just vacuum it, because it's light enough to vacuum. I very much recommend any of the litters in this brand, especially if you try to get all natural everything. 
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