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World's Best Cat Litter, Clumping/Multi Cat

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Worlds Best
  1. candicew
    "My cats litter box is CLEAN!!"
    Purchase Date:
    Dec 12, 2016
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - flushable, smells good(new and even when used, has good odour control), clumps great!
    Cons - a little more expensive then other brands
    I was struggling with using a pellet litter and was recommend to use this litter. 

    I went to the store and bought it and I will never use another litter again!

    I do know the price per bag is a little more the other brands but I  used a $36 bag of pellets in 1 1/2 weeks and that to me was experience and was not going to work, so buying this bag for $46 I can already tell it will be saving me money as it clumps great and after each scoop I do, the litter box is clean!

    It truly is a great litter. solved the issues I was having with dirty urine soaked litter box using pellets.

    I would recommend this for sure.
  2. red dog
    "Works as advertised"
    Pros - Flushable, clumps, clumps odorless
    Cons - Expensive
    I recently adopted a couple of shelter cats a few months back and have been using this product for most of that time. I wanted flushable litter to facilitate easy/quick cleaning.

    While the litter doesn't eliminate stool odor, it does mask the smell of urine. I've also found it does have a corn odor fresh out of the bag, but it dissipates in a day or so and is not noticeable outside the bathroom. I've smelled plenty that remind me of laundry detergent, and grew up cleaning the old Johnny Cat clay (no thanks).

    The key for me is its flushable, and easy to scoop and keep clean. I layer the litter thick, and add more weekly. On a typical work day I scoop out the litter box before I leave, again when I get home, then as needed. It's easy to keep up since it's in the bathroom, only takes a minute, and in doing so minimizes odors. Since I scoop out only what's necessary for up to a month, the extra expense is marginalized with its longer use cycle. I find a bath mat catches most of the tracked litter. A simple shake over the box along with weekly vacuuming/mopping of the bathroom floor and all is well. Used as intended, this flushable litter works well, saves me time, & makes litter box chores as easy as it gets.
  3. maiaelizabeth
    "not a big deal"
    Pros - lightweight
    Cons - it tracks a lot, doesnt lock up smell
    I paid a fair amount for this litter and I was extremely disappointed. My cats didn't like it, it tracks a lot so it was all over my apartment it stunk after like 4 days or less and after cleaning the litter box every day. Worst purchase ever.
  4. pharber-murphy
    "World's Best - Maybe, Maybe Not"
    Pros - All natural, clumps well for non-clay, available in multiple sizes
    Cons - Dusty, not very good odor control, pest-ridden (?)
    I've been using WBCL for about three years. I like it, but I wouldn't rave about it. Yes, it is expensive and it leaves my laundry room covered in contaminated dust (watch the dust fly the next time you scoop it!). It isn't the best at controlling odor, even if the boxes are cleaned twice a day. The overriding reason for using WBCL is that it's safe if my cats ingest it.

    We now have an infestation of moths in our house, which I suspect came from WBCL. We never had that problem before, and I've actually seen the moths crawling around in the litter box. Has anyone else had that experience or is it just my dumb luck/bad housekeeping?

    Best regards,

  5. Draco
    "Great All-Natural Product!"
    Pros - Clumps well, Flushable, No Odor and Natural!
    Cons - Heavy, Expensive
    I've tried many natural litters, and I found this one to be the "World's Best".

    While it is heavy, and does give an initial corn odor when poured, it does clump well and holds the kitty odors. I find I do not need to do a complete clean of the box often as other litters. After a month of continuous use, I start to smell the kitty odors. Additionally, the litter is flushable.

    If you factor the price of this (Expensive) litter with others, vs the amount of time you change the box out, this litter is worth it price wise.

    My cats took to this quickly, and do prefer it over other litters I've experimented with. It's not very dusty (only when you initially pour it), which is good for cats and people with breathing problems.
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  6. musicalcats
    "We LOVE IT!"
    Pros - Flushable, good clumping, good odor control, natural, no dust, neat, no tracking
    Friedrich has used this litter since day 1 and we've never considered anything else. There is absolutely no urine smell from the box and I can scoop up the poop and flush it immediately! I love that it's natural and made from corn so we're supporting the friendly farmers here in the Upper Great Plains! There is no dust or tracking onto the carpet and it doesn't stick to his paws. We are highly satisfied with this product!
  7. coastiecat
    "Good cat litter"
    Pros - flushable, natural, non scented, clumping, lightweight
    Cons - not the best at odor control, expensive, still tracks
    This is the first "green" cat litter I have tried. So far, I like it. Is it the World's best? I'm not sure, but it is the best I have tried so far :) I have only had it for a little over a month, but I feel like that is a good amount of time to try out a cat litter and get a good opinion on it. 

    I love how it is natural, non scented, and most of all flushable. All other cat litters I have used are non flushable, so I had to put the waste in those plastic grocery bags and throw them in the trash. I have reusable grocery bags but wouldn't use them at the store because I knew I would need the disposable grocery bags for the cat litter. I hated how non environmentally friendly this was, on top of the non environmentally friendly litter I was using. Now I just scoop the used litter into a small bucket I keep by the cat box once a day and flush it down the toilet. (I sometimes only pour half of what I scooped and do separate flushes so I don't clog the toilet)

    I was surprised at how well it clumped for a non clay litter. It wasn't as good at clumping as the clay litter I used in the past, but it was pretty close. Sometimes I'll get tiny pieces that will fall out of the clump, but they are very tiny and it doesn't really affect the smell of the box. 

    The  litter has a scent to it, but it is not overpowering and is just the natural scent of the litter, nothing added to it. It does a decent job of controlling odors, but the litter box definitely needs to be scooped out at least once a day, which it should be no matter what type of litter you use anyways. It is also lightweight which is nice. It does track a bit, but it's very easy to vacuum with my dyson stick vacuum. 

    A bag lasts about one and a half weeks for my two cats (we only have one litter box). It is sort of expensive, but we were using the purina breeze right before this, and that was even more expensive, so I don't really mind the cost. 

    Overall, this is my favorite litter I have tried so far.  
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  8. therese
    "Great clumping, no chemicals, very good odor control"
    Pros - Great clumping, no chemicals, good odor control
    Cons - A little more expensive but worth it.
    I have used this litter in the past for about two years ( we recently switched to their Forest Scented version and that is a separate review ).

    I am EXTREMELY allergic to the chemicals that are used to make most  clumping cat litter  "clump."   Worlds Best uses all natural ingredients and is the ONLY cat litter that doesn't make me allergic and highly reactive. ( with the exception of Feline Pine, see my review on that ) .       Believe me, I have tried ALL of them.   And this HAS to be better for my cats, too.  

    Interestingly enough, although they use all natural ingredients, it clumps very, very  well and has very good odor control. No urine sludge to dig out of the  bottom of the box, ever.   It is a lighter color than a lot of the grocery store clumping litter, so when its wet, it is still light colored for checking out the 'out-put" for  diagnositic purposes.   I have to watch the output carefully because I have an IBD cat who is on fiber supplement.  But I want to note that it IS a little darker color than the Regular and Forest Scented ones.  Its more of a light gray, while I actually prefer the  sawdust color of some of their other 'flavors' of litter, which is what I like the best.

    I decided to switch to the Forest Scented, because it has PINE in its ingredients, and the granules are VERY light like sawdust, much lighter than the Black and Red bag, the clumping Multi Cat,  which is great for my purposes.  As I said above, I have to watch the IBD cat's output carefully, so the very light color of the Forest Scented is the best for me. 

    By the way, I find that in addition to scooping two-three times a day, no matter what I do, I have to dump both litter boxes every two weeks and start over again.  Nothing lasts a month, at least not in my case with two large cats.

    This litter is a little pricier than the standard stuff, but for my purposes, it has been worth it.  I usually have better luck price wise ordering it on line from one of the big  pet food supples websites.

    7/28/16  UPDATE:  Its a couple years later and I have to say, either the formula improved or my scooping abilities improved, but I have the same two cats and it seems that, if I scoop twice a day and just top it off a little afterwards with more litter, I can actually get four-five weeks out of the pan of litter.  ( above, I had indicated that I only got two weeks out of a litter pan of it, but now its a lot better )  No matter what, though, after 4-5 weeks, just for sanitary purposes if nothing else, I toss it and start over again, after I wash both pans with soap and water.  
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  9. lamiatron
    Pros - Flushable, All Natural
    Cons - Stinks, Tracks EVERYWHERE, No Odor Control, $$$, the list goes on....
    this was the Worlds Best Cat Litter for literally, 6 days or so, and then it was the WORST THING EVER, WHY DID I SPEND SO MUCH $$$ ON IT???

    I went to one of those small locally owned pet stores in my neighborhood, to buy some particular types of cat food that can't be found every where, and i wanted to try a can or two before i ordered bulk online. The guy working there talked me into buying WBCL. Before buying it I have seen posts and threads about it here on thecatsite, and I figured, let me give it a try. Why not. Everyone raves about it. 

    I live with room mates, and have to keep the cat litter in my room. I'm always looking for something that clumps well, easy clean up, odor control. So i figured the WBCL would live up to it's name. I bought the lavender scented one. For the first few days it was really great. My room had this herby type of smell, which was nice, smelled like nature! lol. The cat litter clumped GREAT and the odor control was amazing, and the litter was plentiful. Usually with clay litter, every time i clean the box, I have to put a little more in, but with WBCL i didn't have to. after a week all that changed.

    Every time my cats went, it smelled like the WBCL and my cats' waste decided to have nasty messy sex, and you'd smell it. omg. people walking passed my room smelled it....and my door was CLOSED, AND i had already CLEANED the box out. I clean it twice a day, and even after cleaning it, my room would smell. it says "dust free". maybe conventional dust, but no, my poor jet (black kitten) was covered in so much orange and brown SOOT every time she used the litter box, i couldn't recognize her, and the thing tracked EVERYWHERE. I still have More than half the bag of this stuff and will be more than happy to ship to someone who wants it, because i dont. i will NEVER use this overpriced chicken feed ever again. nope. and i can't believe i wasted money on it. its ridiculous. 
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  10. molldee
    "I don't get the hype"
    Pros - clumps okay, flushable, not clay-based, natural
    Cons - stinks, tracks everywhere, cats don't like it
    Everyone says that this litter is the best... and I don't get it! I tried to like this litter, but I just can't. It smells strange and it tracks really easily. I had to sweep the floor after every use. It was nice that it was flushable though. My cats hated it and wouldn't use that litterbox (I tested three different litters in three different boxes). They liked Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat the best, and Tidy Cat 24/7 second.
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