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World's Best Cat Litter, Clumping/Multi Cat

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    World's Best Cat Litter, Clumping/Multi Cat, 8-Pound
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User Comments

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  1. LuvDeezKittez
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this litter. I'm a self-admitted clean freak and do a complete "dump out and scrub down" more frequently than probably necessary but in-between cleanings I love the fact that I can't smell poop or urine at all! I have 2 kitties under the age of 1 year old and they both have had long bouts of GI problems, unfortunately including diarrhea, at times explosive. Gross. But this litter has done an excellent job containing the mess and absorbs so much. It's extremely pricey but it's soft on their paws, clumps beautifully, smells fresh and I've never had a problem with it. (Some people have mentioned mold or bugs??) It's important to me that my cats use a natural litter, as I don't want them ingesting anything harmful when they go to clean their paws. There might be cheaper similar alternatives out there, but why mess with success? If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  2. therese
    Update:  I used to line the litter boxes with  black plastic garbage can liners and then put the litter in.  I thought it would somehow be an easier clean up, but I was wrong on this. 
    About six months ago,  I decided not to use the liners at all, just washed the large plastic litter boxes thoroughly, then filled three inches with this litter in each box.  
    I scoop twice a day, then put about one scoop of clean litter over it, to 'top it off.'  At this point, with my two large cats and one with IBD, I am getting 30 days out of this litter before I have to dump the whole box out.   
    So I agree with the company's proclamation that you can get 30 days out of each litter box.
  3. maiaelizabeth
    They have cheaper brands of litter made of the same material and it's way better.
  4. twinkles21
    Good to know. My local Wal-Mart is switching to this stuff and phasing out the others and I was wondering if it was any good.
  5. therese
    I haven't had any bugs in mine...and I am in south Florida, very tropical climate.  But I have heard that the corn attracts bugs.  I will take my chances because this brand is still the best in light of all the others.
     I just did a review on the newer form of WB, Advance Natural High Performance Clumping Pine....I switched because I was a little underwhelmed at the odor control on the other types of WB, given that I have a cat now that has been sick .
    When everything was perfect, the other WB brands were ok for odor control, but my one cat has soft stool and was just diagnosed with diabetes, so despite my scooping a few times a day and dumping every two weeks, I still need more help. 
     The new type has much better odor control and I would recommend you try it.  Its the same price. If you look it up in the reviews, I just put a review up on it yesterday.  It clumps a lot better, too. 
  6. buffy2011
    I use this also. But the reason I bought it was because of the dust. It is suppose to be 99% dust free. But because of the odor that has been coming from it, I really do think this is my last time for buying it. But no moths. 
  7. segelkatt
    Oh yeah, and I buy it at Petsmart.
  8. segelkatt
    I have used this litter for several years now and I find it really to be the "Best Litter Ever". Here in So Cal they do not want us to flush any litter down the toilet, so it gets put in the trash which is why I save all plastic bags I get anywhere (I have been using reusable heavy duty insulated bags for years). I even beg plastic bags from my neighbors. I have a Litter Robot and one other regular litter box that gets scooped twice a day (one of my cats decided after using the Robot for 8 years that she didn't want it anymore !!!), I have three cats and one big bag lasts at least a month. The regular seems to work better than the one for "multiple cats".
  9. therese
  10. lamiatron
    i've used this litter and did not like it as you did, but i wanted to comment.
    i agree with you, you HAVE to dump this stuff out every week and start fresh (at least i had to, i have 2 cats under 1 year of age). Although this litter lasts longer than conventional clay litter, dumping it out every week to refill the box kind of defeats the purpose for me.
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