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World's Best Cat Litter, Multiple Cat Clumping Formula, with scientific performance, is the only cat litter that can call itself "the best". It is the only litter with a patented formula that harnesses the power of naturally microporous whole-kernel corn to control odor better, absorb moister faster, clump tighter and last longer than other litters. After all, when it comes to controlling cat odor, there's no such thing as 'good enough'. Finally, the 100% natural alternative is the solution that works the best - guaranteed!


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Worlds Best
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World's Best 00098 Cat Litter, Clumping Formula

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Pros: Low tracking, clumps well, flushable
Cons: Cat isn't a huge fan
I love this cat litter because it clumps very well, has good odor control, and has low tracking. My cat prefers walnut based litters though. I currently mix this with walnut based :)
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Pros: clumps hard, all natural, no odor, flushable
Cons: expensive
I had been using Feline Pine for years, but lately, I had noticed that it wasn't controlling odors in my small apartment as well.  Not only that, but it was getting expensive to change the boxes every single week with 2 cats on a limited budget. Since I only use natural cat litter, I needed to find a different natural litter that helped with odors.  I had seen Worlds Best Cat Litter at the local pet store, so I decided to try it out.  After all, I figured that if it didn't work, I'd just go back to Feline Pine.  The largest bag was expensive (30 dollars), but I sucked it up and bought a bag.

My cats loved Worlds Best Cat litter from the start.  I found that it clumped really hard and that I could flush the clumps down the toilet.  I also didn't need to empty the entire litter box nearly as often, I only had to top it off with extra litter as it got lower in the box.  Once 30 days was up, I just dumped the rest of what was in the cat box in a compost pile in my garden, where it would biodegrate after a couple weeks.    One of the best things about this litter was that there was no cat box smell at all (I scoop twice daily) floating around my apartment.  You would never know I had cats in my apartment. 

The only con is that Worlds Best Cat Litter is expensive, especially for the largest size bag (28 pounds). Otherwise, its a wonderful cat litter and I would never use anything else.
Pros: Clumps well, good odor control, dust free, flushable
Cons: Expensive
I started using this litter when looking for a flushable litter and was very pleased with it.  It clumps very well, has excellent odor control and is almost dust free.  In the many years I have been using it, we have yet to have a plumbing problem because of it.  It is quite expensive however, although I find as long as I keep up with scooping that it is quite long lasting.
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I've used this stuff for years; wish I had stock in the company because I've got multiple cats and fosters at one time.  The multiple cat formula is excellent.  I don't ever buy the regular green bag because it doesn't seem to clump as well.  There is a lavender formula that is really, really good but more expensive, and a pine formula that is just about perfect as far as odor control and more expensive yet, so I usually just grit my teeth and buy the lavender. is the cheapest site with free shipping if you by $50 worth of stuff.
Because it is such a huge success in my home, I've give out bags of WBCL to others. Some had cats that refused to use it. Others had cats who liked it as much as my own.
Why am I such a fan of WBCL? Clumps like a rock. Smells decent. 7 lb. bag easy to handle (with my aging arthritic hands). Often on sale at Petsmart - then I stock up. No dust - my asthmatic cat appreciates it. Yellow color makes stray litter easy to spot.
I'm not alone in my age issues so my friend uses Tidy Cats light-weight which is more expensive than WBCL and it is dusty. But her cats like it (they rejected WBCL) and it's easy to handle by weaker humans.
thesighrye, thanks for the recommendation. I need all the help I can get in finding a new litter. The main thing I am looking for is comparatively "dust free." I would guess that this fits in that category? I do agree that it is expensive, thus I have yet to try it. (God knows I spend enough on other cat stuff.) However, I am getting good prices on cat stuff online. In particular, someone here (jmljml?) suggested, and indeed that is where I seem to find the best prices, though and some others were better than in retail stores as well. And you have a wide range of choices. And, after a certain amount ($49?) you do not have to pay shipping! Even on cat litter! So I feel that is the best way to go. You might want to check it out. And, thanks for the tip!
Ooooh thank you! I will definitely look into my resources online. It seems if you buy enough and don't have to pay the shipping, it's worth it to buy it in bulk....
And you're most welcome for the review! My mother also uses this litter for my (mostly HERS now :p) cat at her house and swears by it. :D
I use this too and am happy with it. I tried the one in the red bag but found it not to be as good as this one. In Calif they don't want us to dump it down the toilet and I too would not want to dispose of the used litter that way, I can put a plastic bag right next to the box, wouldn't want to drag the box next to the toilet and then back again.
red dog red dog ; I don't mean I store the used litter in a plastic bag but that I bring a plastic bag to the litter box, scoop, then go to the next box and scoop again (I have more than one cat) and when I am done with all the boxes I dump the bag in the trash. I do that twice a day, using grocery bags, I have no dust and no smell and the bag is not too heavy. Regarding price: I put everything I buy anywhere on my cashback credit card and pay off the card every month so that I don't have to pay interest ever but can enjoy the cashback which is like a discount.To do this one has to have self control and pay the card off every month as otherwise the interest charges eat up the cashback and then some..