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World's Best Cat Litter Advanced Natural High Performance Clumping Pine BlendEnjoy the scent of a pine cat litter with the added power of high performance clumping! Made with a blend of naturally absorbent plant fibers and real pine, Advanced Natural - Pine Blend is the multiple cat strength litter that promises fast and easy cleanup with a clean pine scent! Available in 6 lb, 12 lb and 24 lb bags. Advanced Natural clumping cat litter quickly traps solids and liquids into small clumps that don't break up. That means less wasted litter and easier scooping for you! Made with 100% natural and renewable plant fibers, Advanced Natural clumping cat litter offers a truly sustainable solution that is safe for your entire family! No chemicals, no additives and no worries!Advanced Natural clumping cat litter contains natural starches and fibers that are capable of absorbing large amounts of liquid in small easy-to-scoop clumps. Because Advanced Natural clumping cat litter quickly locks in solid and liquid waste in small clumps, you use less litter to maintain a cleaner litter box. A single bag can last one cat more than 30 days! Unlike traditional clay-based clumping cat litters, Advanced Natural is made of natural and renewable plant-based materials. Rest assured that our ingredients are never mined or drilled. Tired of lugging around heavy clumping cat litters? Advanced Natural uses lightweight plant fibers to deliver high performance at a low weight. It's tough on odor and easy on your shoulders!


World's Best Cat Litter
More powerful odor control
Smaller clumps, no scraping off the bottom
Quick-clumping formula makes clumps easily scoopable
Earth-friendly kitty litter
World's Best
World's Best
World's Best
World's Best
World's Best Cat Litter Advanced Natural High Performance Clumping Pine Blend, 12 lbs.
12 lbs.
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Item Height
11 inches
Item Length
4 inches
Item Weight
12.2 pounds
Item Width
8 inches
Package Height
4.9 inches
Package Length
14.4 inches
Package Weight
12.2 pounds
Package Width
10.8 inches

Latest reviews

4.00 star(s)
Pros: Smells like pine, clumps well, not clay
Cons: Dusty after the first week or two
We were looking for a change in our natural litter, and decided to try this one, as I have enjoyed the odour reduction that pine can give in the past.  It was really good for the fist couple of weeks.  Given that I did not like Worlds Best multi cat, I was surprised.  After about 2 weeks the litter turned to dust.  Every time I would clean, I'd end up with it floating around me.  Clumping and smell control stayed though.
Pros: Great clumping, no sludge on bottom, great odor control, I am not allergic to it.
Cons: Higher priced than most litters, but worth it.
I have written several World's Best Reviews.....and really liked all the various WB types.  

Recently, one of my cats has gone thru a health problem, with diarrhea, etc., then was recently diagnosed with diabetes...... and even the "regular'  World's Best was not able to give me the kind of odor control I needed during this time.

Mind you, I scoop two or three times a day and dump both boxes every two weeks, but I have two big cats, and  one was sick.  And their boxes are in well-ventilated but small laundry room with a kitty door, to keep the dog out.    The regular stuff was not doing it. 

I decided to try their new  " Advanced Natural High Performance Clumping Pine Blend"  in hopes that it would give me all the good features of the other WB's but with more odor control....and it DID !

I was very impressed.  Worlds Best is about the only litter I can use that doesn't give me a really bad allegic reaction  when scooping, the lighter color is helpful to see what is 'going on,' with their out-put, for diagnostic purposes.  And now, with this new formula, the odor control is excellent.  And its important to note that it NEVER sticks to the bottom of the pan as some litters do with urine. 

It is more expensive than other litters, but given that my cat's over time, have had various health problems, I find that it is the best one to use....its light color, good clumping, odor control and the best thing with the WB line is that you don't get the wet-concrete type urine sludge in the bottom of the box, as I have gotten with some other, regular clumping litters.  

It is a little more expensive than some of the other litters, but its worth it, due to its performance. 


It pretty much measures like regular cat litter.  I scoop twice a day and then just throw a little 'new' on the top every day or every other day, depending on if there is any residual odor left.  Some days I don't have to, b/c the odor control is very good.  
I have two large, open litter boxes.....17" X 22" each.    I have a tupper ware bowl that is 5 cups....and I use about four of these bowls to fill it up completely.  So I guess, I use, in total,   20   (8 oz ) cups of liter to fill it up when I start. 
If your litter boxes are 'larger" like mine and you have five of them,  I would think that it would take  about 2  of the  large 24 lb start with.  Maybe a little less.   
If your cats are smaller, pretty clean ( no health issues ) and you scoop twice a day, you might be able to get three weeks out of the two bags.  And if your boxes  ( and cats )  are a little smaller than mine, you may be able to get away with 1.5    of the   24 lbs bags to start.
No matter what I have ever used, I seem to have to dump the whole thing every two weeks.  But that depends on your cats, how big they are, etc.    The good news is when you scoop, there is no left-over sludge.  It picks up CLEAN, no residual and the gravel left behind is pretty with that and a little sprinkled on top, you are good to go. 
I have two large,  16 lbs cats....with some health problems, so sometimes the one gets soft stool, etc. which means more clean up.  And the other has had diabetes and for a while, until we got him under control with insulin, there was a lot more clean up, due to all the water drinking.  He is much better now. 
Its just like a beige gravel type pine chips in it, but it is corn and pine based ground into a gravel type consistency.   It is kind of odorless, for me, anyway, except when I first put it in.
This stuff is not cheap, but you can probably get it on line a little cheaper.  I go to Petco in my area, because they have a coupon program, so I can usually get $5 a month off of any purchase once I signed up. 
I would love to use cheap gravel because I hate spending the money, but my cats are much cleaner now, and I totally can see their output, which is important given their age and health problems.  
I tried a higher end regular gravel and I was left with that gross sludge on the bottom.  Plus I seem to be allergic to almost all of the clumping litters except this one.  Even with this one, I wear a mask when I scoop because of my bad sinuses.  But it is really not dusty at all.