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Wild Calling Cowabunga Formula Canned Cat Food

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Wild Calling
  1. pasquale
    "Wild callings rabbit, chicken and turkey"
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    Jul 6, 2017
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    Pros - All meat no grain
    Cons - Inconsistent!
    a cat food that is $2.50ish per can should be consistant from batch to batch and this product isn't. The rabbit usually comes real thick similar to Jello the next batch may be like a thick stew.
    My Cats love it and then next batch arrives and the sniff it and walk away. So I open a can from the old batch and then they gobble it up. Just by watching how they react is proof that there is a quality controll issue with this product. I currently have about 40 cans on hand and will be trying to introduce my cats to a different product. Any suggestions?
  2. chalupa
    "disappointed, cats don't seem to like it, given it several chances"
    Pros - made in USA, seems to have good quality ingredients
    Cons - food seems unappealing to cats
    Picked up different flavors for three different cats every now and then at different pet shops. Cats never want to eat this food. They may nibble at best. This past week bought one can of Buffalo and one of Rabbit Burrow. Buffalo was completely rejected by two cats, Rabbit was nibbled on but also left to dry up while cats while they begged for something else to eat. This is the usual cat reaction to this food. Maybe there are cats out there that like it.