Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Canned Cat Food - various flavors

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Pros: affordable
Cons: too many veggies
I ordered the bits in gravy ones and when I opened the can there were cubes of meat all glued together in a gel. It was hardly a "gravy". Even after trying to add some water to loosen it up, my cats turned their noses up at it. Tried two different flavors and they wouldn't eat it. Was disappointed in the so called gravy. Also has a lot of unnecessary filler veggies.
But the price was good so I wanted to try it.
Pros: Grain free, duck as a flavor (unusual), very heavy pate, low carb
Cons: None, but if you're expecting gravy you'll be disappointed
Wow. My cat is almost 4 years old and I've had him on Sheba, Fancy Feast, Friskies. This is the only canned food (besides Merrick which is 70¢ more a can and which manufactures Whole Earth Farms) he has cleaned up time after time. I won't lie, it's a joy only the owner of a picky cat can feel, to see their cat shoveling canned food into their mouth, and not just licking the gravy or wet edges of the food.

There is no waste to this stuff, repeat, no waste. A 5.5 ounce can is the same price at Petco as a 3 oz can Purina Beyond in the grocery store, which has lots of carbs. (Purina recently bought Merrick and Whole Earth farms FYI so far it's not affecting the food.)

Every cat is different. I've bought duck, and beef, and my cat loves both.

A case of this is about $25 on Chewy, which makes this comparable to Sheba in price, per ounce, which blows me away.