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Whiskas Temptations Treats for Cats

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  • Whiskas Temptations have no artificial flavors and are 100% nutritionally complete. They come in various flavors, including Creamy dairy, Tender Chicken, Tuna, Seafood Medley, Tantalizing Turkey, Hearty Beef, Savory Salmon and Blissful Catnip.See additional listings for all natural Temptations, dental care Temptations and hairball Temptations Treats by Whiskas.
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    No artificial flavors and are 100% nutritionally complete
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    Whiskas Temptations Tender Chicken Flavour Treats for Cats
    36 Ounces
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    3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12)
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  1. Kallie kitty
    Two of the feral cats that comes up to my door loves rhem rhe other 2want have anything to do wutg them
  2. Mike Hunt
    Cats love this stuff but,its toxic to them. Both of my cats hair on their back legs fell out after about a month of feeding them these treats. Hair started growing back almost immediately after I stopped feeding them these. Toobad they really liked them! Be warned something in these treats is really bad for them.
  3. Babyroxasman
    Ruby goes crazy for temptations! If the stubborn cat won't come inside when I call her, all I do is shake the bag and she'll come running in!
  4. Pwdercrzy
    My cat will not touch any kind of food I mean nothing! I've tried every kind of dry, wet, homemade, etc and wont touch it. I've wasted so much money trying different stuff it's amazing. The only thing he eats are these temptations treats. Now even tho they say there's no bad stuff in them, it can't be good for my cat to eat every meal can it? Vet says he just picky but I mean he won't eat ANYTHING but these treats. Please someone must have had similar situations this is my first cat and he's about 21/2 -3yrs old neutered tabby and I need to figure out how to get him to eat real food, thank you.
    1. Shane Kent
      @Pwdercrzy - My little Temptations addict will also eat Whiskas Perfect Portions chicken pate. Not ideal but at least it is something different and is wet food. Must be pate he doesn't like chunks in gravy. Sometimes he will nibble a bit on the Iams Grain Free Naturals dry food I feed my other cat.
      Shane Kent, Jun 27, 2017
  5. Shane Kent
    I have one cat that loves the seafood flavors and my other cat is not interested in them. My cat Taz knows where we keep his treats and he often runs to the drawer wanting them. I have a hard time getting him to eat dry food as he always wants Temptations treats. The only thing he likes more is Whiskas Perfect Portions chicken pate.
  6. bobbie sue
    When you spoke of your cat seeming "addicted" to those treats, I related to that issue since Penny had this insatiable desire for Science Diet dry kibble and at one point she almost refused to eat her regular fancy feast cat food but only wanted that!  I had to hold back on the Science Diet a bit until she let go of this craving although I do give it to her at times, but not too much.  I did buy Whiskers Temptations, chicken flavor, and she seems to enjoy that but not as much as she does the Science Diet.  They are all so very different.. just as we are.  
    Wishing all a pleasant and peaceful day.
    Bobbie Sue
  7. jmarkitell
    My cats LOVE the Temptations and I have to work hard to keep my four cats from gorging themselves...at 4 AM my cat Archie starts to swat my nose (gently)  to wake me up in order to give him Temptations treats. Soon the other 3 rouse themselves and get in line. Before long they each get a small handful and allow me to get a few more hours of sleep. This has turned into a daily ritual and if I don't have any treats, I start to get little nibbles and nips from spoiled cats.
       The only real issue I have regarding the Temptations, besides being highly addictive to cats, is that sometimes they get sick and yak (the informal SW Pennsylvania definition of vomit) from the treats. I haven't noticed this from other brands and it seems restricted to the Temptations treats. Of course, the cats would never be satiated with 5 or 6 treats...more like 15-20 as a handful...with a few rounds for the furry fiends. In summary:
         My cats love the Temptations to the point that they appear addicted, and the treats seem to make them sick more than most other brands of cat treats and goodies. I usually only buy the yellow (chicken), blue (fish), red (beef?), and green (unknown) flavors. The chicken flavor seems to be a little harder on their stomachs than the other flavors, but that is by my opinion only.
    Jim M  -  M as in MMmmmmm... yummy!
  8. loopycann
    Be sure to keep 'em outta reach!
  9. loopycann
  10. loopycann
    I sure know what you mean. That why I ALWAYS give them out AFTER meals! My sister call them " kitty krack" funny but I don't like the connotations . If I leave them out ,all four will involve theirselves in the theft. Three watch,one will scratch out a patch of plastic on the container till the hole is big enough. Then the other three will wait around until treats get liberated onto the floor!
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