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Whiskas Junior Dry Food - Various Flavors

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  1. magiksgirl
    "They love it!"
    Purchase Date:
    Jun 1, 2015
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    Pros - They love it, it's small enough for their tiny mouths
    Cons - It's hard so babies can't quite chew it / stinky poopies
    I tried several brands and I found to have personally liked the Whiskas Gatitos (as it's called in Mexico). It comes in a convenient 1500 gr that lasts me about a week for 3 cats.

    They certainly love it since they finish everything up.

    I compared the nutritional chart to that of Purina Kitten Chow and the values were about the same using the DMB -Calculator (http://www.thecatsite.com/a/how-to-compare-cat-foods-calculate-carbs-dry-matter-basis)

    I decided on the Whiskas because it smells more like "cat food": a bit stinky but not like it's rotting.

    Although the food is the perfect size for their 3 month old mouths, I observed that the food is very hard for them to chew with their kitten teeth, so they passed it whole. My solution was to wet the food with water since I wanted to increase their water intake anyways.

    I also noticed that when they poop, their poopies are stinky, but in a couple of minutes it passes. So I don't mind.

    The babies ar growing well and happy, so I would recommend this food.

    edit: added the picture and DMB-Calculator reference.
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