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Weruva International
2.00 star(s)
2.00 star(s)
Pros: low ash
Cons: expensive, not all USA ingredients
most of their foods are very low in ash, such as magnesium and phosphorus which is good for the urinary tract. My cats loved the chicken but after finding the fish comes from Thailand, I quit buying. It's expensive and if I'm paying a high price, I want ingredients that come from a reliable and USA source.
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Pros: high quality, a favorite of my very picky eater
Cons: maybe a little pricey, but none ever goes to waste
i've served my cats Weruva canned cat foods for about 5 years now. my two cats have particular favorites of the flavors, but like the "classic" Weruva, Weruva Cats in the Kitchen, and Weruva Truluxe lines. Snick, my senior cat with medical issues, is a very picky eater but loves Weruva canned foods.

i feel Weruva canned cat foods are reasonable priced, considering their high quality and that my cats love them. none ever goes to waste here, my cats eat the whole can.
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Pros: Attractive, high grade, good for UTIs
Cons: Expensive, have to feed double volume due to low calories
Weruva is high quality cat food that looks like people food. The chicken looks like chicken shreds and could probably pass for a human entree. My kitty ate the Paw Lickin' Chicken just fine. It is very low in magnesium and phosphorus--even a bit lower than the Hills prescription food, so this food is great for a UTI cat. It is also very low in calories. While this can help overweight cats, if your cat is at optimal weight, this means you have to feed about double the volume as your average food, or two 5.5 oz. cans/day, and the price is usually hovers around $1.75-$1.89.
Cons: Some flavors have carrageenan
I agree: Just look for the carrageenan free ones!
3.00 star(s)
Pros: Human-quality meats, looks like actual food and not mystery pate
Cons: Super expensive, watch out for Vitamin K3 in some varieties
When you pop open the lid of a can of Weruva, you are greeted with strips of chicken, or nice big chunks of flaky fish, and not the gross, ever mysterious pate food with meat meals instead of just meat. However, the food is expensive, and for anyone on a budget, you are probably better off buying chicken at the butchers and preparing a supplemented meal at home for your cats, be it cooked or raw. Another thing to watch for is a synthetic version of vitamin K, known as Menadione Sodium Bisulfate (Vitamin K3) in some of the canned fish varieties.
5.00 star(s)
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Pros: BPA-free, no by-products, human grade, low calories
Cons: Some varieties contain carrageenan and guar gum
Weruva is great, one of the best foods you can feed your cat! Just look for the carrageenan free ones, though!