Wellness Kitten Health Cat Food

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Pros: Keeps kittens full longer, less litter box deposits, reasonably priced
I bought this food for my kitten when we first adopted her for the low price of $7.48 (normally $14.99, it was on sale at the time).  I wanted to put her on a quality food that would not break the bank and heard great things about the Wellness brand.  When I first took her home, the lady gave us a bag of cheap cat food (I'm assuming it was Friskies from the shape of the kibble).  My kitten had diarrhea for the first week that we had her, but after feeding Wellness Kitten Health her stool returned to a solid state.  Best of all, she absolutely LOVES it! another bonus to feeding her this food is she doesn't need to use the litter box as often because it is keeping her full longer.