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Great for use where space is limited. Perfect for a stairwell, hallway, vestibule, bathroom or a tight corner. Can even be mounted on a door. Very solid when mounted, allows cats to really "dig in" for stretching and exercise.

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Pros: Very high quality, looks great on wall, excellent customer service, cats love it
Cons: None
Chula and Paul have four other scratching posts, but this one gets the most attention, by far.  It's holding up well to all the scratching, with only a bit of fuzziness after 8 months of intense daily use.  The scratcher is not only made of high quality materials, it's also beautifully made and looks really nice on the wall.  The wall style itself works really well, too.  Because you can position it wherever you want on the wall, it's possible to choose a height that works best for your individual cat.   The location on the wall also seems to encourage scratching  - both Paul and Chula will stop to scratch as they walk by.

The scratchers are hand made by a small business craftsman in the US which is another plus to me.  Amazon is convenient but it's important to keep the small guys in business, too.  The fact that these scratchers are hand made and not mass produced  makes for a quality and beauty that's not always available in mass produced items.  And the customer service is fantastic.  When I had problems figuring out how to install the scratcher, Eric practically walked me through it and sent me extra hardware for no extra charge.  I should point out that it's actually very easy to install - it was my own lack of experience that caused me problems.  

I can not recommend this scratcher enough.

Here is the webpage:  http://artmotionandsound.com/products/wall-mounted-scratch-wide
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