Vet's Best Hairball Relief Digestive Aid

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Hairball Relief Digestive Aid helps support a normal healthy digestive tract. Hairballs (accumulations of hair in the digestive system) are more easily eliminated using herbs that lubricate without petroleum-based ingredients. Contains slippery elm bark, marshmallow and papaya are tasty ingredients your cat will love. 60 chewable tablets included.


Veterinarian's Best
Supports a normal healthy digestive tract
Helps eliminate hairballs without petroleum-based ingredients
Contains slippery elm bark
marshmallow and papaya
Bares the seal of the National Animal Supplement Council
60 chewable tablets
Veterinarian's Best
Veterinarian's Best
Veterinarian's Best
Veterinarian's Best
Vet's Best Hairball Relief Digestive Aid, 60 Chewable Tablets
60 Count
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Latest reviews

Pros: Has slippery elm bark, marshmallow root and phyllium husk
Cons: can't won't touch it anymore
My cats used to gobble this stuff down and beg for more, and it WORKED very well.  However, recently they changed their formula and now NONE of my cats will touch it.  I'm very disappointed.   They replaced the chicken powder (flavoring) with liver powder, and neither of my cats particularly care for liver.  They also removed the Brewers Yeast, which is also a taste draw.  I  have no idea whether it still works, but I'm guessing it does, since all of the active ingredients are the same.  I'm just sorry I can't use it anymore for my furbabies, although I do have a call in to the company to ask if they have any plans to revert back to the old formula.  Fingers crossed
  If so, then I would rate this five stars!
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Pros: Cheap, decent ingredients, tasty! (so I'm told)
Cons: Slippery elm may impact nutrient absorption?
I got a recommendation here to try this for my kitty with probable IBD who was having issues with intermittent vomiting, and some less frequent diarrhea or loose stool. I really think it has helped. For a while I gave her one twice a day, now we just do one with her dinner.

The psyllium is supposed to firm up and help move along a bm with lubrication. The slippery elm and marshmallow is supposed to help coat the stomach and calm it. It also has some digestive enzyme probiotic type stuff to help digest the food. Then they add some stuff to make it tasty. The vet had not heard of this product, but said the psyllium would probably help with the kitty's issues.

My cat loves it and would probably love to eat nothing but these. I break the pill up into quarters by hand to make it easier to eat.

I spent $5-6 on my first bottle, and when I saw the price drop to $3.50 I got a few more. A bottle has 60 pills, so that is not bad. Unfortunately there is no expiration date or manufacture date on these. I will just have to keep an eye one them to see if they look like they are turning funky at all.

I was reading on an IBD cat site where they recommended the slippery elm but cautioned about when and how often to use it. There was concern it coated the digestive system so well that it might impact nutrient absorption. That is one reason I reduced her to one pill a day for maintenance...for now at least.
Pros: Helps not only with hairballs but with digestion issues; no petroleum based ingredients; cats think the chews are a treat.
Cons: None noted!
I really like this product for double duty. It contains slippery elm and other natural digestive ingredients to support a normal and healthy digestive tract. Helps to eliminate hairballs without using petroleum-based ingredients. Most of my cats will readily accept eating the chewable tablets which makes life so much easier when a you need to get a hairball remedy into your cat. And, if a cat will not eat the chewable, they can be easily crushed and mixed into canned food.


We had the same experience! My cats used to love these and I would offer them as treats. Over the past year, I had purchased several bottles, but in opening one of the last bottles I got I noticed the tablets were thinner and didn't break into pieces as easily. Worst of all, my cats would not touch them either!! I tried crushing and sprinkling on their food, but they detected it and refused to eat that as well, at which point I gave up. I called the manufacturer, and found I was not the only one having this problem. They assured me they were working on it, and offered a refund of my purchase price. I hope they can get the formula back to the way it was, as I felt good giving these to my kitties and they seemed to really help with digestion and hairballs. 
Yes, I called the manufacturer as well and they said they will send me a new bottle when they make up a new batch.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it was just something wrong with that old batch and the furkids get back to liking these as I really do think they help with hairballs.