Vectra 6 Pack Green For Large Cats Over 9 Pounds USA Version EPA Registered (Controls Fleas In All S

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Pros: It's effective, no/very little chemical smell to it, easy to apply, reasonable price, and safe.
this is the second year since our vet switched to selling vectra flea treatment, and the second year i've used this flea treatment for my snick. we haven't had any fleas to get rid of/kill, so this flea treatment is a preventative for us during the warm weather months. we haven't had any fleas decide to take up residence on snick or in our home since using the vectra.

snick got her first flea treatment of this warm weather season today, and applying it didn't bother her in the least. you just push the top (cap) downward to meet the rim below to open the tube for application.

i bought the vectra flea treatment from our vet's office, so i know it's the real product (not a knock-off) and it's safe. the price was reasonable, at $91.92 for 6 tubes (six monthly treatments). plus this is the second year that the makers of vectra, ceva, have a special offer of 'buy 6 tubes, get 3 free tubes'. all i had to do was fill out and send in the card, and they mail the three free tubes to me.