Ultimate Touch Cat Claw Clipper

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Pros: works well; reasonably priced; durable
Cons: takes a little longer to sight and lien up than a human nail trimmer; my cat doesnt' seem to like it much
My cat doesn't like nail trims, but I tend to clip my own nails then some of hers, and she'll grudgingly tolerate it.  These scissor style trimmers are well made, but a little harder to sue than a human nail trimmer, and my cat doesn't seem to like them as much.
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Pros: Cat-specific, comfortable to use, lasts forever
Cons: (None)
Although there are a plethora of different kinds of devices on the market designed to shorten and blunt cats' claws, I have always relied on these little clippers because they do the job.  They last forever, and are very affordable, comfortable, and precise.  Cat-specific clippers like these are the ones to use to keep cats comforable and caregivers happy!  (I used today's date and the stated price because I bought ours a long time ago, from another business, and they were likely a different price.)