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Two Comrades - Culpeper, Virginia & Southern California

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Two Comrades
  1. kzmsm713
    "Basically no need to repeat."
    Pros - She sells Siberian kittens.
    Cons - Everything listed by the previous reviewer. Would not recommend this cattery. Bad, extremely infrequent communication.
    My story is pretty much the exact same as the previous reviewer.

    I also sent a deposit but then didn't get another email response for weeks. Breeders are the only place Siberians can be had in America, and at the end of the day it is a business and if life is too crazy to handle such a business, one should probably stop and take a break from it. You can't sell kittens and only check your email once in a while, and never answer your phone so full of voicemails that no new ones could even be left.

    It was unfortunate that this was the first breeder I had tried to buy a kitten from, not to mention the good amount of money lost, but luckily the next one was and continues to be heaven sent. Emails are responded to no more than 2 days later, and she has a day job, a husband, just moved and is still unpacking, and even has kids. But she never uses them as an excuse.

    I would not recommend getting a kitten from here. My sympathies go out to her &her family, but Cindy should take time off to deal with all of her family ordeals, instead of telling everyone about them, inconveniencing others, and using it as an excuse.

    My husband and I were almost completely discouraged from trying another breeder at all because she made our worst suspicions come true, but as I mentioned, catteries are pretty much the only place Siberian kittens can be found. I hope my experience as well as the other reviewer's experience help someone else.
  2. jmb16
    "Thus far, very nervous"
    Cons - Does not reply to emails. Sent deposit and have not had response
    I emailed Cindy and we exchanged information a few times. She seemed to want to know about our family to ensure a good placement and there were no red flags initially. 

    However after I sent a deposit, I have not heard back at all. 

    Looking over one past yelp review in 2011 looks like a prior client had trouble with a sick cat and CIndy refused to give her deposit back.

    In looking over things now- she says cats ae TICA backed but that is not so according to TICA. 

    So I have not heard back, am worried I will not see my deposit and probably not a cat. 

    Taught me a good lesson about doing business online. I have previously done this in the midwest and not had these type of shams occur. 
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