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Two Comrades - Culpeper, Virginia & Southern California

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Two Comrades
  • Siberian cats champions with TICA . All colors including white.brown black mackerel gray creme and reds. In the patterns of classic and mackerel tabbys including tortie and torbie.Culpeper, Virginia & Southern Californiaemail: [email protected] http://www.twocomradesiberians.com

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  1. Anne
    Admin notice:
    Since a response from the breeder has been provided, this review is thus locked for further comments. We respectfully ask that the parties involved take any further correspondence to other channels, and for other site members to refrain from commenting on the situation.
    Further comments will be deleted. As always, you are welcome to contact me or any site team member with comments or questions. Thank you!
  2. twocomrades
    Hello Jenn, Its me Cindy to defend my honor and our cattery reputation. Your deposit is safe as is your kitty you are getting from us. My husband's health issues have kept me from the computer lately, and Ive already apologized and supplied references. The incident in 2011 is from a lady whose kitty got sick 2 weeks after getting him. I covered all of her vet bills which is what we agreed upon. She then wanted to money for her cat, that she was not willing to return. Our cattery is TICA Registered and their phone number is 956-428-8046 for verification.  So sorry that you think you were shammed...its just not the case here. Purrs and Meows! Cindy
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