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Premium quality clumping litter from Canada. 100% pure, natural clay, 350% absorbency, dust-free and very economical. New: Unscented Tigerino Canada Cat Litter. Ideal for sensitive cats.

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Pros: strong clumps, little to no tracking, little to no dust
Cons: odour control, very sticky
Tigerino Canada Cat Litter is one of the best clumping litters I have tried. It makes strong clumps that do not break, compared to other litters it does not track and the dust is minimal. Seems economical and the cats love it. Maybe it's the sandy texture, but they switched to this litter immediately (I put it in only one litterbox at first, the other two boxes were with their old, different litter).

However, the smell is killing me. It does trap odour, but even with a perfectly clean litterbox it has a lingering smell of clay, moisture and urine. And this happens although we scoop at least three times a day (three litterboxes, three neutered cats).  Maybe I have an oversensitive nose, as I have read many reviews that praised this litter for its odor control quality. Another downside is that is gets stuck to the scoop and to the bottom of the litterbox, if the cat digs enough. I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars because three cats and one boyfriend do not mind the smell.

I will continue to use it because my cats love it.
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Pros: Strong clumps, great odour control, no scent, limited tracking, oh and my cat loves it.
Cons: Some dust, heavy bags, and not easy to source for purchase.
I buy this in bulk on line, and from first purchase my cat has loved it despite it being slightly more dusty than his previous virtually dust free brand.  It is the only litter I have known him go back in and use when it has been soiled once already.  He would always come looking for me and indicate he wanted his tray scooped if there was anything at all there before the Tigerino.  

   There is a bit of dust when changing completely but otherwise not noticeable, and it is nice to use a litter without any fragrance.  It is fine, and quite soft to the touch which is presumably why my cat likes it, but it doesn't stick to his paws as much as other litters have.  Although he manages to bring some out on to the rug in front of his tray it doesn't track widely around the apartment.  My cat leaps out and runs so it makes a change not to find litter everywhere around the apartment.

    I use about 3" in the base of the tray and this seems plenty to dig in,  and with the tray we have the litter doesn't stick to the base even though my boy likes to dig to the bottom and beyond.  It clumps very firmly and doesn't break up when scooping with the result the remaining litter does not get badly contaminated.  It lasts well with topping up to replace the volume scooped out with urine clumps and the grains sticking to solid matter. It controls both urine and solid waste odour well, presumably because it is both very absorbent and finely coats solid waste matter.  Not so good if you need to regularly undertake close examination of 'poop scoops'.  Odour control has to be good here as the box is right next to my bed.  

  Although it looks pricey at almost £18.00 for 30 kilos it is economical in use due to the length of time between complete litter changes and tray cleaning.  This quantity of litter lasts my water drinking one - cat household somewhere around 6 months.

 I can almost feel my delivery company sigh at the thought of the next delivery a box of 2 x 15 k of litter is a lot to carry up a flight of stairs. Even one bag at a time would be a struggle for me.  It's hard enough pouring the stuff in to the tray until a bag is about half used up.

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