Tidy Cats Scoop Tough Odor Solutions with Glade Cat Litter

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Tidy Cats

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Tidy Cats Scoop Tough Odor Solutions with Glade Cat LitterTwo of the most trusted sources in odor control have teamed up to give you one powerful way to fight cat litter box odors. Tidy Cats works hard to neutralize odors, while Glade Clear Springs scent leaves behind a light, welcoming fragrance. When you're looking for ways to keep your home clean and fresh, Tidy Cats Scoop Tough Odor Solutions with Glade Cat Litter helps you fight even the toughest pet odors.


Tidy Cats
Tidy Cats odor-neutralizing technology
Glade Clear Springs scent
Strong clumps, easy clean-up
99.6% dust free
Perfect for multiple cat households
Tidy Cats
Tidy Cats
Tidy Cats
Tidy Cats
Tidy Cats Scoop Tough Odor Solutions with Glade Cat Litter, 20 lbs.
20 lbs.
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Item Height
13.5 inches
Item Length
6.8 inches
Item Weight
20.6 pounds
Item Width
9.3 inches
Package Weight
20.6 pounds

Latest reviews

Pros: fresh scent, inexpensive, easy to find in stores, clumps well
Cons: does not seal in bad smell, over clumps on urine, under clumps on poo, difficult to sift out all fecal matter
I had high hopes for this litter after having changed over from another brand that I really disliked.  I will say that this litter clumps SO much better than the one I used before.  However, when it comes to clumping on urine, I feel like it clumps TOO much--I have been scooping out baseball sized chunks of litter from the box of my 5-month old kitten.  He doesn't drink too much water or anything like that, so I am assuming the size of the urine clumps is related to the litter itself as opposed to my Monty.  When I remove the top of the litter box, I can smell a fresh, mountainy kind of smell, which is great.  When the box is covered and Monty uses the restroom, all I smell is poo--the smell does not seal bad scents in.  Also, though my kitten has GI issues and relatively loose stools, I was expecting the litter to clump better around his bowel movements.  Instead, his poo clumps into tiny little flakes, which are about impossible to get out of the litter without an electronic sifter. 
Pros: clumps well, controls odor, easy to find in stores
Cons: tracks a lot, scented, some dust
Tidy Cats has always been my go to litter until just recently.  It clumps well and the litter box never smells.  However, my cat tracks this litter all over the house.  Recently, my cat has started scratching a lot which might be from some kind of allergy.  I decided to switch to an unscented litter, hopefully a version of Tidy Cats, but they don't have any to my knowledge.  Would continue using if my cat didn't have allergies.  
4.00 star(s)
Pros: Clumps well, keeps smells down, easy to maintain litter box
Cons: "Perfumey" smell might be too strong for some cats, a little dusty
We usually use the Tidy Cats Instant Action litter, but we have tried the Glade odor solutions a few times.  It seems to be comparable to the Instant Action- it's a little dusty, but it clumps well, it's easy to scoop, and keeps smell down pretty well.  The only real difference that I noticed was the stronger "perfume" smell, which is to be expected seeing as this is "Glade odor solutions" litter.  Overall, as long as you don't have a cat that is very sensitive to smells, this is a good litter.


We won a jug of this litter awhile back on a friend's blog.  Of course, we were glad to receive more litter -- when you have multiple cats, you're always using it, after all!  I liked the light weight and the clumpability, but the fragrance was overpowering, and while my very good girls did use it, I know that most cats hate fake perfumey smells in their litterbox -- and I agree with them completely.