TIDY CATS Light Weight Cat Clumping Litter Pail, 17-Pound

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TIDY CATS Light Weight

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Tidy Cats Lightweight Clumping Litter for Multiple Cats 17 lb, Pail. With all the strength, Half the weight. Strong Clumps, Easy to clean up.


TIDY CATS Light Weight
All the Strength; Half the Weight
24/7 Performance
Continuous Odor Control
Strong clumps; easy clean up
TIDY CATS Light Weight
TIDY CATS Light Weight
TIDY CATS Light Weight
TIDY CATS Light Weight
TIDY CATS Light Weight Cat Clumping Litter Pail, 17-Pound
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Item Height
9.5 inches
Item Length
14.7 inches
Item Width
12 inches
Package Height
8.3 inches
Package Length
15.7 inches
Package Weight
19 pounds
Package Width
10.6 inches
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Latest reviews

2.00 star(s)
2.00 star(s)
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Pros: Lightweight
Cons: Dusty, clings to paws and doesn't clump that good
As with some of the others that have done reviews I couldn't have agreed more. It may be lightweight but that doesn't make it good. I had a cat that had Intestinal Lymphoma and urinated a lot. I tried many different cat litters and nothing really worked to keep up with her. I still have my almost 2 yr cat Willow and even with it, it will still cling to her paws, don't clump well and is very dusty. And the price is just crazy. Are you paying because it is lightweight? Because to me it is not that great. I prefer Scoop Away. It clumps right away. No mess on her paws. So less mess on my floor coming out of the litter box even with her kitty mat under the box.
4.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
Pros: Clumps great, smells nice, easy to lift.
Cons: Tracks a bit
I have used the Glade version of this since it first came out and it works great.

Has a pleasant scent and controls odors well. People don't even know I have cats until I tell them or they see them.

The light weight makes it track a bit but all litter tracks so no big deal. I keep a little Dirt Devel nearby to suck up the tracked litter.

Overall satisfied.
Update: I found this litter to be the source of Indy's asthma attacks and can no longer recommend it. It also left stains all over my new water heater which is in the utility closet where I keep the boxes. Left grey stains all over it. Also tracks like mad and forms a sludge in the box which cats can step in and stain the floor.
Pros: Clumps like a champ
Cons: None. Really
I ended up getting 4 pails of this on black Friday at Petsmart after the manager kindly let me have these for the $7.99 sale price. I wasn't thrilled about the lightweight litter but a deal's a deal and we always need litter. I had VERY low expectations going in. Low as in almost none.

WOW. I was so surprised. It clumps so nicely and it's so easy to remove the clumps. No digging, no work. They just float free in the sea of unused litter. it took me half the time it normally does to scoop. Seriously! I've tried other lightweight litters before with less than stellar results but this one is really good. I have it in my most heavily used box (Henry's favorite) and he loves this stuff too. It's easy for him to bury his business in with less effort on his part too. I might keep it around just for his favorite box.

Well played Tidy Cats. You've got a winner here in our house. Now I'm glad I decided to get the 4 extra buckets! 


I bought this litter because of back issues. I had been using the clumping Tidy Cats. My cat is not particular about her litter and she didn't miss a beat,! In spite of the assurances and guarantees on the package, it does not control the smell, and doesn't clump as well.
I cannot figure out how to edit my previous review of this but my opinion has changed since I wrote the review.

This litter tracks quite a bit and I think was agrivating Indy's asthma. It also sticks to everything including the cats fur and furniture. It is really dusty too and if you step on a grain of it it shatters into more dust.

Switched back to the heavy version and the tracking issue has been eliminated. No more yucky paw prints or caked on litter.