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Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box System

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Purina, Litter
  1. Arirang
    "This is the only litter you need."
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    Dec 17, 2017
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    Pros - Complete odor control for days. Zero dust. Minimal tracking. Minimal work. Hooded and non-hooded varieties available. Litter is lightweight, non-toxic, non-perfumed, easy to carry, and relatively cheap- I got a four-month supply for around $20.
    Cons - Kinda noisy due to the pellets moving around. You're supporting Purina, the Monsanto of pet companies, in purchasing it. And it's something of an eyesore.
    Let me make it clear: I do not like Purina, at all, for any reason. Their food is overpriced, toxic garbage. Their other litters are garbage. They are the Monsanto of pet food companies. But this? This product gives their company a reason to exist.
  2. snuffy's mom
    "Absolutely Love This"
    Pros - Easy to use
    Cons - Remembering to change pads
    I absolutely love this system.  My cats took to it right away, I have 2 and have no problems with odors. The only time you might have an odor is if you don't scoop out the feces as soon or almost as soon as they do it. That's something else I like about it, the box is always clean. I keep mine near the bathroom so all I have to do is scoop and flush.
  3. coastiecat
    "A good alternative to traditional litter"
    Pros - little tracking, non scented, high urine odor control, no dust
    Cons - expensive, NOT environmentally friendly, low feces odor control, urine build up, LOUD
    I used this for about a year before using what I have now. I got this system originally because I hated all of the tracking that traditional clay litter would do. This system has pellets on the top, and a pad that soaks urine that goes through the "plastic grate" that holds the pellets (I don't know how else to describe it).  

    I liked this system because there was no scent/perfumes.  The pellets were also fairly large so there was very little tracking. Daily clean up wasn't too difficult and there was never a urine smell if the pad was in there right and got changed when it was supposed to.

    The cons for this system is it is not environmentally friendly at all. The ceramic pellets and pad that collects the urine must be thrown away in the garbage can. It also must be scooped every time the cat goes poop or else it will stink very bad.. The pellets don't really cover up the poop or the odor. When scooping out the poop, sometimes some small pieces would stick to the pellets and get left behind, which is kind of gross. The pad was good at holding the urine, but once or twice it got knocked out of place when sliding it in and urine ended up being collected under the pad. Because the pellets were so large, i had to pick them up by hand when they got kicked out of the box since my dyson stick vacuum couldn't suck them up with the floor attachment.  

    The cat box started to have a build up from all of the urine on the plastic grate, even when I scrubbed it every two weeks. Since some of the urine would dry onto the plastic grate before it would reach the pad and it would build up. It didn't really smell, it just didn't look very nice. The litter is heavy and very loud when the cats use it. I would wake up at least twice in the middle of the night from the noise the litter box makes when they are trying to cover up their business.

    It is also very expensive. It was about twelve to fourteen dollars every two weeks for the pellets and the urine pads.  

    Overall, if you don't want any dust or a litter that doesn't track very much, this is a good option. 
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