Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat--Not a Sour Puss

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Penguin (Non-Classics)
Pros: lots of good information;The author's writing style is very pleasant and conversational.
Cons: While it reads easily enough, it's also not a "for dummies" book, so it may be a bit more involved than you may want if you aren't much of a reader
I have loved cats since, at age three of four my mother humored me and took in a stray orange cat that I named Meow Meow. I had a recent catless period of several years that ended  recently, when I adopted a beautiful blue point traditional Siamese kitten. nonetheless, I hadn't had a cat for several years, and was feeling a bit out date on my knowledge.

My reaction to that feeling of insufficient knowledge has been to devour a number of books about cats. Ojkf the various books that I have read on cats, this one was the one I enjoyed the most. It has a lot of information without being dry or overly dense and technical, making it ideal for most cat owners. (incidentally, If you do want an excellent and very academic book on feline behavior, I highly recommend The Domestic Cat: The Biology of its Behaviour, which is a superb book as well (just be aware that it is highly technical and academic, and definitely not light reading).

All told, if you are getting a new cat, want to update your general cat ownership knowledge (I found the cat toys section especially helpful, due to my long catless period, for example) including suggestions or just want to be a better owner to your existing cat, you'll probably find a lot to like in this book.

My one gripe about the book is that litterbox section doesn't discuss some of the newer options like the litter breeze system, cat genie, etc.
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Pros: Best book on cats
Think like a Cat by Pam  Johnson Bennett is the best cat book l have seen. I got a unsocilized kitten and she has come on so well mostly from the help and advice in this covers from birth to all the illnesses your cat may get.Getting a another cat for company. What you need for our cat. I don't think there is a  subject on cats missed. Even when your cat gets old and you lose him, what to do and help for you as well. The writer is so friendly and comes over like a good friend.

So if  some one you know is getting a cat   buy her this book and she will be your friend for ever.
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Pros: Excellent behavioral advice! Friendly and well-written.
Cons: Owners may wait too long to follow the advice offered.
Pam Johnson-Bennett is a true cat behaviorist!  She really tells you how to "think like a cat".  And her writing is casual and friendly, not bombastic or pedantic.  She's the type of person you'd love to have a chat with over the fence!  The only drawback to this book is that cat owners won't follow her advice until it's almost too late.  A terrific companion book is "Cat vs. Cat".  Although it's primarily focused on two-cat households, the advice can be useful for any multi-cat environment.
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Pros: Well-written and covers a lot of cat care related issues
Cons: Perfect for cat behavior, but health and nutrition probably should be covered by a separate book
Pam Johnson-Bennett offers what IMO is the best ever manual for cat behavior. She helps you get the cat's perspective on things, and works with that to create the best possible behavior-modification techniques. The book covers a lot of ground, including general cat care, feeding and health issues, but its strength is definitely in the field of cat behavior.
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