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The Ripple Rug Cat Activity Play Mat

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SnugglyCat Inc
  1. katfisk
    "Cat loves it, but I wish it had more structure"
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Cat loves it
    Great for interactive play
    Easy to clean
    Easy to store
    Cons - Price
    Needs a bit more structure (too floppy)
    I ordered the Ripple Rug on Amazon without realizing there were two versions, and that I would be getting "version 1" instead of "version 2". This is important, because my cat adores this rug but I am getting frustrated with how floppy the top piece is. Apparently the manufacturer has addressed this issue in "version 2", which is only available by direct order through their website (i.e. not Amazon). I'm giving 4 stars because my kitten is all about his Ripple Rug and especially loves to chase toys as I pull them in and out of the holes. This rug brings out his most energetic, focused play, which is a joy. I'm taking off a star because he quickly flattens the rug and then I have to stick my hands in there and risk blood loss to recreate space for him to play. If you plan to get this I suggest going for the newer version with a stiffer top piece that is better at retaining structure (or so I hear).
  2. vervainandrue
    "Not what I'd hope it would be"
    Purchase Date:
    Sep 27, 2017
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Easy to store
    Easy to keep clean
    Works well as a bed
    Cons - Too flat
    Tunnels, etc. don't really form
    Cats get bored within 10 minutes
    I was so excited to buy a Ripple Rug for my foster kitties. Since money is tight in fostering, I coveted the Ripple Rug for a long time before I had the funds to buy it. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed in the product, and now it sits neatly folded under a pile of cat linens.
    I loved the idea of being able to configure caves and tunnels and hide things in them to entice and entertain the kitties. Unfortunately, the Ripple Rug is far softer than I thought, and no matter how many ways I velcroed the pieces together, I couldn't create the stiff walls that I always saw in advertisements. Because the "cave openings" flopped flat, neither cats nor kittens were interested in crawling in. They'd dig out the toy I had hiding, and then lay on the flat carpet and fall asleep. Basically, I bought a $40 cat bed. I bring out the Ripple Rug every few months to a new group of kittens or cats, and it's always the same thing. About 15 minutes of interest and then hours of snoozing on top. What a shame. I plan to go to a fabric store and get some type of stiff fabric to sew inside the Ripple Rug to encourage it to stand up at the holes, but I'm not much of a sewer so I haven't attempted this yet. I'm a foster mama who loves to buy toys for my little charges, and I was very, very disappointed in the Ripple Rug.
  3. margd
    "Wonderful idea for multipurpose play and use"
    Purchase Date:
    Feb 7, 2016
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Can be used for playtime or as a bed or even scratching pad
    Cons - Price
    This consists of two mats - the upper one has holes of various sizes in it and can be reconfigured endlessly to create tunnels and hidey holes.  Chula likes to chase the red dot into the holes and then hide.  She'll then suddenly poke her head out.  The holes can be cut and expanded for larger cats like Paul.  You can hide things in the holes or pull things through them for playtime that is always different.

     It is a little difficult to get the folds to stand up until you get the hang of it.  Generous applications of velcro help the rug to stay in position but it does take a little while to get them all in place so the folds stand up and the tunnels don't collapse.

    The material is very cat friendly.  Both of my cats like to stretch out on it and use it for a quick scratching pad and Paul often sleeps on it.  The color is neutral so goes with everything.

    It rolls up and can easily be put away.

    The price is an issue.  I thought it was expensive when I bought mine and the price has gone up $5.00.  
  4. rickr
    "Great product - hours of hide n seek fun"
    Purchase Date:
    Feb 29, 2016
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - well made from cat friendly materials
    Cons - a bit pricey
    I learned about this product from a thread here on playing with smart cats.  Archie and Lucy are almost six years old now.  As they've aged, it's become increasingly difficult to find playtime activities that challenge and engage them.  I'm always on the look out for something new.


    Simple in design, the rug consists of two pieces.  The bottom is a short nap rug with an anti-skid surface on the bottom (more about that in a bit).  The top, which features cutouts in various sizes, is constructed from the same material and features velcro strips to attach the top to the bottom section.  The holes features slits to make it difficult for kitty to get stuck. The rug is infinitely configurable; it's easy to create tunnels and hiding places for kitty.  All of the materials are kitty safe - no formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals.


    Lucy loves playing hide and seek.   Sometimes she will seek out the rug on her own, wiggle thru the folds and pop her head in and out of the holes.  It's fun to watch her dart in and out of the holes.  Archie likes to use the rug as a giant scratching post; he's drawn to the texture of the nap.  Sometimes I create a large fold and attach a cat tunnel to it, which gives the cats an extra long tunnel.  I also hide crunch balls and other toys inside the rug.

    Most of the time though, we use the rug for interactive play.  Pulling a shoestring in and out of various holes attracts Archie.  He likes to watch the moving string and then, just as the tip disappears into the rug, he pounces on the string.  Both cats enjoy hunting a wand or wooden dowel which I slide under the bottom section.  Unfortunately, this action scrapes off small bits of the anti-skid surface, which has to be vacuumed.  


    * The product is well made from cat friendly materials.  So many pet products these days use unsafe chemicals and materials in their construction - especially those made in China.

    * My cats enjoy the rug.  We've had it for over four months.  And while some of the novelty has worn off, they continue to enjoy playing with it.

    * Rolls up for easy storage.


    * The rug is kinda pricy.  I purchased it for $40; the price is a bit higher.  I feel the price is justified, but it is expensive.

    * Using a wand under the bottom section scrapes off small flecks of the anti-skid surface, which creates a mess that must be vacuumed.  
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