The Miracle Nipple

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  1. gmm80
    "The best!"
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    Mar 1, 2016
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    Pros - has pre-made hole
    small size great for newborns
    Cons - latex has odor when new
    somewhat pricey
    I work with a rescue and we frequently get bottle babies. I find that the nipples that come with kitten bottles tend to be too big, and it's frustrating to make the hole just the right size. I think I found these just by doing a google search. Since trying these, I would never go back to the other ones. When I get a new bottle kit now, I just throw out the included nipples and use the Miracle Nipples instead. Highly recommended!
  2. iluvlilpaws
    "Prefect for Orphaned Kittens"
    Purchase Date:
    Mar 14, 2016
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    Pros - more like a mothers nipple and already comes with a hole
    Cons - if kittens with teeth bite it will put a hole in the nipple
    The miracle nipple is a life saver to kittens. It comes with an already made hole so you don't have to do it yourself and it helps kittens not aspirate. It's so much more like a mothers nipple that kittens latch on right away and have no issues. I recommend the mini nipple for kittens and the regular size ones for force needing.