The Lotus Cat Tree

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Pros: Looks much better than most cat furniture
Cons: Price
I found this on which cut a lot off the price, was still pricey though.

I am very bad at putting things like this together.  The fact that I was able to get it put together by myself means it is actually easy to put together.  The pieces initially fit together with wooden dowels and then with screws.  That makes it really easy to put together by your self.  It isn't covered with that soft fuzzy material like most cat trees so that makes it much easier to clean.  Other cat trees I have had always eventually get fur matted into that material.

I did find a video on line just by googling Lotus tower assembly.  That made putting it together easier.  The video is of a woman putting it together and talking about each step as she did it.  The video and the directions made it possible for someone like myself to put it together.

It took the kitties longer to warm up to it then other trees.  I don't know if it is because they are older or because it is much different from other trees, they eventually did start using it.