The Cats of Butterwick Sands

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  1. Vironment
    "Excellent debut children’s book, lots of fun"
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    Apr 12, 2018
    Pros - The book has real heart, this lady really knows the character of cats
    Cons - Some minor blips in continuity ....hardly surprising with the amount of characters, cats, humans and other animals
    98DADB29-1859-4EBC-A6A7-693A8B8BFC1E.jpeg 98DADB29-1859-4EBC-A6A7-693A8B8BFC1E.jpeg Came across this quirky book about the adventures of a group of cats living in and around a traditional good old-fashioned seaside town. It is very well written and is certainly an antidote to the violence of computer games and the like that young people seem drawn to these days. It is a gentle adventure, nostalgic, without too much sentimentality and one is drawn into the story by the characters, both humans and with an observers interest, the cats and even seagulls and other animals. Gives a kindler, more gentle vibe of safer more innocent times. I loved it and l think children of all ages will grow to love it too. There are some lovely black and white illustrations which certainly enhance the book. I have seen other very positive reviews on other sites such as Amazon, Net Galley and Good Reads and the stories would make a fantastic TV series for children For a debut book it certainly stands out, for all the right reasons.


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