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The Cat Association of Topeka (C.A.T.) - Topeka, KS

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The Cat Association of Topeka
  1. cicily
    "After a year, still amazing!"
    Pros - No-Kill, Pet Supplies Store, Fun Fundraising Events
    So it's a year this month since I adopted Cicily from CAT, and they have been nothing but amazing since.   In fact, a few months after I adopted her, she got really sick and I took her to the vet 3 times and she wasn't getting better, so my heart breaking I called them and said I might need to return her because I can't help her.  So, they did take her back, however they understood that what I wanted was what was best for her and so they took her to the vet and were able to get all the tests I couldn't.  She started getting better again and we figured out that somehow she'd contracted feline herpes.  Which isn't fatal if treated, so now I give her L-Lysine regularly and she's doing great. :)

    I buy my cat food and cat litter in their shop and I go to all of their fundraising events. :)  

    IF you are in the Topeka area, please consider The Cat Association of Topeka!  They have so many sweet kitties looking for homes.
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