The Cat Association of Topeka (C.A.T.) - Topeka, KS

The Cat Association of Topeka

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The Cat Association of Topeka (C.A.T.) began its operation in the spring of 1988 and since then, has placed thousands of cats and kittens in loving homes. In July of 2003, the organization moved into its current facility. The new shelter features colorful cage-free rooms with lots of cubby-holes, ramps, ledges, ramps, and steps for cats to play or just escape for a much-needed nap. Secure screened in porches provide views of nature and visits from a neighboring squirrels and birds. SW Gage Blvd., Topeka, Kansas 66604785-272-4735

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5.00 star(s)
Pros: No-Kill, Pet Supplies Store, Fun Fundraising Events
So it's a year this month since I adopted Cicily from CAT, and they have been nothing but amazing since.   In fact, a few months after I adopted her, she got really sick and I took her to the vet 3 times and she wasn't getting better, so my heart breaking I called them and said I might need to return her because I can't help her.  So, they did take her back, however they understood that what I wanted was what was best for her and so they took her to the vet and were able to get all the tests I couldn't.  She started getting better again and we figured out that somehow she'd contracted feline herpes.  Which isn't fatal if treated, so now I give her L-Lysine regularly and she's doing great. :)

I buy my cat food and cat litter in their shop and I go to all of their fundraising events. :)  

IF you are in the Topeka area, please consider The Cat Association of Topeka!  They have so many sweet kitties looking for homes.


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