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Swheat Scoop Natural Cat Litter

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Swheat Scoop
  • If you think a scoopable litter has to be loaded with clay and chemicals to clump and control odor, you're in for a surprise! Swheat Scoop litter is made from naturally processed wheat, which means it's clay free, chemical free, fragrance free and biodegradable. Mouse around here a while, and we think you'll agree -- this litter is naturally better.
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    Soft on sensitive paws.
    12 inches
    20 inches
    5 inches
    Swheat Scoop
    Swheat Scoop
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    Pet Products
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    Swheat Scoop
    Swheat Scoop
    Swheat Scoop Natural Cat Litter, 25 Pound Bag
    25 pounds
    25 Pound Bag
    naturally processed wheat, which means it's clay free, chemical free, fragrance free
    Ingredients Set Element:
    naturally processed wheat, which means it's clay free, chemical free, fragrance free

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  1. altamont03
    I can’t say for sure, but Swheat Scoop and Natural Walnut Litter probably contributed to both my cats developing allergic asthma. My vet said that Swheat Scoop and ground wood cat litters are not only dusty but grow a lot of mold that the cat is inhaling while digging. I encourage you to do some research before subjecting your cats to this litter.

    I now use OKOCAT PAPER LITTER with an inch or two of EXQUISICAT FRAGRANCE-FREE PAPER LITTER underneath it and change it completely every six days.
    This works well for asthmatic cats. Each cat has a litterbox. OKOCAT PAPER LITTER
    Is biodegradable.
  2. betsygee
  3. Geoffrey
    I have always had one to three cats and have never, over 60 years, had occasion to change from the cheapest Woolworth's non-clumping clay litter, 4 or 15 litre bags.  It controls odour and cleans out fairly well. 
    What is more important is that the cats like it - even though they have been Siamese and very picky, (except for the current one who is just as picky).
  4. fantisticat
    I put up a bit with the fact that it only clumps in a so-so manner since I'm happy to know it will break down in the waste cycle.  But - I understand your frustration.  (My cat Bonnie seems unphased by it's less-clumpy consistency.)
  5. nevroth
    That's too bad. I love this stuff. Although I one I get comes in a different bag than what's pictured. For me and the cat fam, the multicat or premium offer better smell control and clumping control. Maybe you could return it?
  6. betsygee
    I've found that Sweat Scoop does get mixed reviews!  I like it because it's flushable and since a couple of our litter boxes are in bathrooms, it makes clean up of the boxes much easier for me.  Our cats use it just fine, fortunately.  I find it to be less dusty than clay litter! and I like the smell better, too.
    I do have one old cat who just will not use it--he's used to clay and that's that, there's no teaching that old cat any new tricks.  I also have had a problem with some bags of Swheat Scoop having tiny moths in it.  Annoying but not a deal-breaker for me.  The environmentally friendly (especially flushable) aspects of it, plus the fact that 6 cats out of 7 in our house use it without problems, outweigh the occasional moth problem.
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