SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

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Pros: Does what it says.
Cons: Can take a very long time to train your cat.. noise can be a hindrance.
I bought this for one of my cats as my boy was put on a renal diet and I needed a way to feed my girl her regular food without locking cats away at feeding time.

It literally took weeks to train her. She is nervous at the best of times, but the sound and movement of the lid was off-putting. When I initially programmed her microchip it activated it all, and that put her off for ages. But the guide is really comprehensive and I recommend erring on the side of great care.
Now she loves it. I'm often hearing it's 'whirr' sound as she checks out what's available to her and only her.. I'm sure she finds that very satisfying.:D

Another benefit is that she is a grazer, so even if the boy was 'allowed' to eat the food, this would still be a great option as she can come and go knowing it's available.

I dropped one star as, even though I know these things are costly, I do feel it's a little over the top. I also bought the stainless steel bowls separately (I'm not fond of plastic bowls) and they were $30 for two, which I also find excessive.

All in all, very pleased to have found this item.
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Pros: keeps wet food reasonably fresh, user friendly
Cons: does not elevate, not sized for 8 lbs/3.6kg, lid noise may startle or scare
Design: visually simple, basic cover lid, arch could be eliminated for better access to bigger animals, base and removable materials are plastic except the food mat which is silicone, lightweight

Included items: 1 RFID collar tag, 1 single bowl (grey; removable), 1 split bowl (grey; removable), 1 silicone food mat (grey; removable), 1 clear lid (removable)

Price: 149.99USD on site; equally on

Features: Batteries needed. Very user friendly, easy to clean. RFID collar tag can be used instead of wanting to program a compatible microchip to the device. Programming buttons located on backside, lid-close delay switch on bottom. Dishwasher safe removable items. Green, pink, and blue colors available in removable items (separate purchase, I think). Lid makes slight mechanical noise when opening


My late cat, Sassy, was hyperthyroid with kidney/liver failure (arthritis as well). She was very accustomed to free-feeding so I would need to monitor her to make sure the other cat and dog didn't try to eat her renal diet. It also entirely relieved her late night/early morning hunger yowls.

I want to note that bugs could more than likely slip inside. I think the longest I've had food down Sassy didn't completely eat was 3 days. I cleaned the removable items at least once every other day. My dog has a shock collar so he was unable to get near it, though I am not sure how long it would have survived if he did. Grimmy was unsuccessful (or undetermined) to access the food. I am unsure how often she attempted to poke at the device. I am personally not bothered by the size of it, but I do wish they at some point rid of the arch or redesign it as adjustable legs.

Overall, I'm happy I made the splurge because Sassy was less stressed being able to eat on her own time.
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