Spontex Sponge Cloths

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Pros: Leave cat fur clean, soft and fluffy with a quick rub over with a damp cloth. Cheap, chemical free, quick to use, and lift oils from surfaces too.
Cons: None
When I adopted Mouse I was told that chamois leather was the best thing for polishing up his fur and making his coat shine, but I found that hard to handle and Mouse didn't take kindly to the feel of it for what ever reason. I had an old microfibre cloth for house cleaning and it was brilliant for lifting that dark, oily deposit from corners and doorways where your cats repeatedly rub past.  One quick wipe of the most thickly covered paintwork and it was clean again. I decided to try it on Mouse, figuring it should have a similar effect and be good for lifting oil out of the fur.  Never looked back!  Mouse always has soft, shiny fur but with a gentle rub over with a damp microfibre cloth his coat is unbelievable. Oil free fur without drying the skin, no irritating chemicals, and quick to dry as the coat is not soaked through.  

I needed to replace my old microfibre cloth as it was very worn, and bought the Spontex cloths recently after trying many different ones.  Not only were these one of the cheapest (£3.00), they have an excellent absorbency rate, are soft to touch, and easy to handle as not too large.  Mouse is perfectly happy for me to snuggle up and rub his fur over with a damp cloth.  Just soak with warm water, ring out well, and lay the cloth out over your open hand.  Then stroke your cat all over rubbing gently in all directions to lift the dirt and grease from their fur.  You can gently clean any crusting around the eyes, and wax from outer area of the ears too.   Use to spot clean dried food or crusty eyes, or for an all over clean and polish.  With the Spontex cloths you can even use a different colour for different cats.

I always laugh when people ask me how much time I take grooming Mouse for cat shows, and think of all the long hair cats being brushed and preened for hours. Mouse gets a 1 minute rub and snuggle with one of these cloths and he's ready to go, and it's his soft fur that's won all his prizes.  
      Mouse is a short hair but I have not doubt they would give great results with longhairs too.  Could be a kind way to clean up messy kittens too. 
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