Sound-Mouse Cat Toy

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Play rod with sensational sound chip

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Pros: Fun to play, super cute, cats get enthralled
Cons: Can be annoying, battery may run out
Another toy that we have at our animal shelter, the mouse toy could entertain the cats for at least a half hour. The only problem is that the squeaking could get annoying after a while, and with excessive use, the battery would die. Otherwise, still a great toy.
Pros: Keeps her busy for about 10 - 20 minutes depending on her mood.
Cons: Tail keeps coming off but I fix.
She loves it. Cally will play with it several days in a row. However we take breaks from it for a couple days but then she gets right back into it.
Pros: Cheap and very engaging
Cons: Not as strong as some more expensive wand toys
I actually got this as a freebie with a food order. Asha instantly went mad for it, and it continues to be one of her favourite interactive toys.

Shadow loves it too, but I'm concerned about his being too strong for it - the mouse is on elastic, and the wand itself isn't all that strong.

Despite that, I don't think Asha would ever allow me to be without one, so I'll definitely be replacing it when it finally dies. Luckily, it's cheap enough for that not to be a problem.


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