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Soulistic Adult Canned Cat Food in Gravy - Various Flavors

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Soulistic Pet
  • Soulistic Adult Canned Cat Food in Gravy - Balanced Natural Cat Food aYour cat will love the wholesome, tasty meats and juices in Soulistic Adult Canned Cat Food in Gravy, available exclusively from Petco. This natural cat food is specially formulated to promote balance, health and wellness in your feline friend. Soulistic food specializes in reflecting a hearty human diet in its canned cat food varieties. Even the site where the limited ingredient natural cat food is made is a USDA-approved human facility so you know that what you feed your cat is just as high in quality as what you would consume.Soulistic Adult Canned Cat Food in Gravy features a protein-rich blend of whole cuts of meat, nutritious vegetables, and plants rich in the vitamins and minerals that your cat needs to thrive. Each can of Soulistic natural cat food features such high-quality meat sources as free range boneless skinless white chicken breast (hormone- and steroid-free) and wild-caught sustainable seafood like dolphin-safe and turtle-safe tuna and salmon. The addition of vitamins, nutrient-rich oils and vegetables rounds out the high-quality protein, creating a balanced canned cat food that is both nutritious and delicious.Soulistic Adult Canned Cat Food in Gravy is full of all the goodies that your feline friend needs and none of the common cat food fillers that are low in nutritious value. Soulistic includes ingredients that supply Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids for skin and coat health. The gravy and high moisture content both hydrates your cat and keeps her kidneys and urinary tract functioning properly. What you won't find in Soulistic canned cat food are fillers and allergenic ingredients such as: grains like wheat and corn; soy and glutens; artificial or natural flavors; preservatives; blended pate; and genetically modified ingredients.
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    Natural cat food featuring whole cuts of meat like free range white chicken breast and wild caught sustainable fish
    Wholesome, grain-free blend made in a USDA-approved human food facility
    Flavorful canned cat food with limited, identifiable ingredients
    High moisture content in gravy keeps cats hydrated and healthy
    Contains no soy, glutens, fillers, added artificial flavors, or preservatives
    Soulistic Pet
    Soulistic Pet
    Soulistic Pet
    Soulistic Pet
    Soulistic Aqua Grill Tilapia & Tuna Dinner Adult Canned Cat Food in Gravy
    5.5 oz.
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    2.7 pounds
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    2.7 pounds

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  1. maxmy1mainecoon
    I also had problems with Rachael Ray Nutrish Wet Food, Purina Fancy Feast & Purina One Dry Hairball forula.
  2. betsygee
    I'm sorry to hear about this.  It's good the company was responsive to your report.  I feed my cats Soulistic, all of the gravy flavors, and have had no problems in three years.  Hopefully the incident with your cat was a rare one.  
  3. Kat0121
    That's horrible. I feed my cats Soulistic often but I only buy the Good Karma (green can) and Harvest Sunrise (orange can). I don't buy the fish flavors. I'm glad that you were able to get the bone out and your cat is OK. 
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