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Solid Gold Indigo Moon Holistic Cat Food

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Solid Gold Health Products for Pets, Inc.
Pros: grain free; high protein; fairly godo inredients and quality; my cat loves it
Cons: has canola oil in it;potatos are a bit high on the ingredient lsit for my preferences
I have tested a dozen premium cat foods, and the two final ones to make my cat's rotation (based on quality, cost, and, most of all, my cat actually eating them and tolerating them well) are this one and Canidae pure elements.
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Pros: Grain free, high protein, cats like it
Cons: Too much peas and potatoes
This is a fairly high quality grain-free food. It has more peas and potatoes than I like, but most of the grain-free foods that I've researched are the same. I like that it's all stages so I can feed the same food to cats and kittens. All of my cats seem to like this food better than other grain-free brands that I've tried.

I'm really unhappy with the company right now. They've come out with new packaging, new design on the bags along with a 20% reduction in the contents. The 12-pound bag I just bought is the same price as the 15-pound bag I got last month. If they had kept the same amount in the bag or reduced the price for the smaller amount I would have given them another 2 stars.

Sorry kitties, but this is likely the last bag of Indigo Moon you'll be getting unless there's a super sale or top dollar coupon.
Cons: Pricey
My cats like it I bought it like 3 times but its so pricey my cats never had a problem with it will buy again if its on sale