Soft Claws / Soft Paws for Cats

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Pros: Different colors are FUN, Protects furniture and human skin, fair price, lasts long
Cons: Kinda difficult to apply sometimes and the Glue drys out FAST so you need to buy more and Messy.
My current beast is an angel and so far has only clawed on her toys!!!! However, my last kitty and the one prior were masters of destruction and clawed my furniture every day despite everything I tried.   Enter "Soft Paws" and no I did not misspell as I bought Soft Paws online from the Vet that invented them before Soft Claws were available. What they are is basically a hollow nail made of plastic that you glue over your cats existing pre-cut nail.

Soft Paws are the exact same thing as Soft Claws except Soft Paws come in 1 million colors including Sparkle, Christmas colors, Halloween colors, two tone etc etc. 

I have used both products and I believe they cost the same except you pay shipping for Soft Paws at a flat 5 bucks no matter how much you order. With the Soft Paws AND the Soft Claws It can be difficult to work with the nails. You have to squeeze glue into the tiny hollow nail and put it on the cat fast and hold for a moment so it can stick. This process is not as easy as it sounds and even the most careful will get some glue on their skin or on the cats fur and it takes awhile to scrub off human skin.

My cat that used the claws was long haired with lots of toe tuffs so glue got on the fur there. Another issue is the glue will dry out even in an unopened tube and you are forced to buy more-if the store even sells just glue. The claw covers last a very long time if you cut the cats claws first and apply enough glue. My cat tried to bite them off the first 5 minutes then forgot about them. The good thing about the mail order Soft Paws is they allow you to buy extra glues with your order for cheap and if you complain on email like I did I got some free ones as my glue dried out super fast.

Just be sure you examine your cats claws and pads daily because If you forget about them they can grow into the soft pad of the paw, also expect them to occasionally fall off when the claws grow or kitty bites them. Over all a wonderful product  that solves an age old problem and fun.
Pros: Cats don't mind them, cures clawing
Cons: I needed to have my groomer apply them on my cat
This product works great to stop cats from clawing furniture.  

After a couple of years of being the perfect kitty, my spayed two year old tuxedo started clawing the edge of the couches.  

I don't  believe in de-clawing so that was not an option.  

It was suggested to me to apply those clear, adhesive backed strips of plastic over the couch edges to stop the clawing, but they only fell off and were pretty ineffective.

Then my vet suggested I get some of the Soft Claws.....I had to have his groomer put them on my cat's front paws only, because she wouldn't hold still for me.  ( this was several years ago.... she would charge about $15 )   But I must say, when the groomer applied them, they stayed on for about six weeks and my cat no longer clawed the furniture.  And we got them in red and they looked very fashionable on her little paws, with the tuxedo black and white fur.  And they didn't appear to bother her at all..she never chewed them or even acted like she had anything on her claws...its like she just ignored them, which was great. 

After about a year of doing this, one time I just didn't get them put back on after they started falling off......and I guess my kitty forgot that she liked to claw, because now she uses her cat trees and sisal posts and never claws the couch.  And she hasn't had them on for about 7 years.  

Very effective product.....but I am not sure how easy it would be to use if I had to put them on, by myself.   I guess I could learn !
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Pros: Easy to apply, Cats don't mind them
Cons: expensive
We recently had a cat adopt us by having kittens on our patio. We kept the mother and two kittens so we needed to protect our arms, cloths, furniture, etc. from the little darlings. A friend recommended Soft Claws which they use on both of their cats and we figured for $20 we could give them a try. I really thought the cats would fight having them applied and then would chew them to death, but that didn't happen. When we applied the soft claws two of them fell asleep and the third purred the whole time. Afterwards they hardly even noticed the soft claws. The kittens were still tiny (only 2 1/2 months) so we had to trim the kitten size caps, but that was easy with kitchen scissors. Of the 30 caps we originally applied (3 cats with 10 front claws each) only one fell off in the first week and only three in the first month (and none of them were the adult size cleat lock system). We just replaced the missing ones and the kittens barely even noticed. Our one kitten does seem to get them caught on things like the heating grate and the back of the fridge... but I think that might have something to do with having to trim them and him being a dumb cutie pie; the trimming left an edge on the base of the soft claw rather than the smooth lip on the uncut ones and he likes to just pull and pull when he gets stuck so that edge catches and he keep pulling it... so I don't expect this to be a real problem. I only have two complaints... 1) they are a bit expensive and I wish there were larger packages for cheaper prices and 2) I can see us running out of the glue applicator tips... they include two glue bottles and a bunch of applicator tips... but if we apply the caps as they fall off we will run out of tips really fast. In conclusion, I definitely recommend these wholeheartedly.
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