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Soft Claws / Soft Paws for Cats

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PetEdge Dealer Services
  • Both Soft Paws and Soft Claws are the same product made by the same manufacturer. There is no difference between them other than the names.Feline soft claws nail caps take-home kit helps customers protect their homes against destructive scratching by applying soft claws nail caps to their pets' nails. A great add-on to your routine professional nail care. This is simple, non-surgical alternative to declawing. Easy-to-apply caps last 4-6 weeks and will not interfere with pet's normal behavior. Non-toxic nail caps are safe if swallowed. Feline take-home kit includes 40 nail caps, adhesive, 6 applicator tips and instructions. Steps for application - Trim the tips of cat's nails. Fill nail caps 1/3 full with adhesive. Extend nails by gently pressing on top with the index finger on the bottom of the paw. Observe cat for five minutes before release. Approximately 9-13 pounds. Most adult average size cats wear medium. Measures 6-4/5-inch length by 5-inch width by 1-1/2-inch height. Available in medium size with clear color.
  • Binding:
    Feline Soft Claws
    Protect homes against destructive scratching by applying Soft Claws Nail Caps to kittens nailsThis is simple, non-surgical alternative to declawingEasy-to-apply caps last 4-6 weeks and will not interfere with pet's normal behaviorFeline take-home kit includes 40 nail caps, adhesive, 6 applicator tips and instructionsMeasures 6-4/5-inch length by 5-inch width by 1-1/2-inch height, available in medium size with clear color
    PetEdge Dealer Services*
    PetEdge Dealer Services*
    ZX249 120 233
    24-903 CLEAR
    PetEdge Dealer Services*
    PetEdge Dealer Services*
    Soft Claws for Cats - CLS (Cleat Lock System), Size Medium, Color Clear
    24-903 CLEAR
    Pet Products
    UPCList - UPCListElement:
    Item Height:
    1.5 inches
    Item Length:
    6.8 inches
    Item Weight:
    0.1 pounds
    Item Width:
    5 inches
    Package Height:
    1.5 inches
    Package Length:
    5.6 inches
    Package Weight:
    0.1 pounds
    Package Width:
    4.7 inches
    Unrerturnable if openedNot responsible for injury to animal
    CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement:
    2473301641-0101-2-18ZX249 120 233

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  1. playerdark
    I had the vet apply them on the front legs, I could do the rear legs by myself though. They come off one by one and it's relatively easy to replace one. I just could not do all 10 at once.
  2. beckkahh
    I've been using soft paws for about 2 years now and I love them! At first my cats were hesitant but now they just lick there paws fro a little and forget they are there. I find the more active my cats are the faster they come off. My kittens fall off within the 4-6 weeks but my older cats seem to stay for a while longer, to the point that I have had to cut the nail cap off to apply a new one cause it grew so long. I found they are very easy to apply and are well worth the time and money to know my furniture is protected and also that my cat is not in pain. I would rather have scratched up furniture then resort to declawing but with these I don't have to worry about the furniture! I highly recommend these to anyone with a cat! I even apply them for people who are interested in them but don't think they can apply them! 
  3. slykat12
    I had great luck with the online company because I got extra free glues when mine dried out and the store does not have a million colors and sizes, yet only company did. Because my cat was a long haired with white fur if I used the stores clear/white paw/claw I could not see them on her but the bright red ones I got online I could see through the mass of fur.
  4. pisces7386
    I am under the impression that they are the same thing. If you look they are both trademarked by the same person under the same address with the same patent number.  I've been burned in the past so I do my research before I buy from an online company that isn't well known.
  5. slykat12
  6. therese
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