SmartyKat Skitter Critters Cat Toy Catnip Mice

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Pros: Inexpensive, cats love it
Cons: Tails come off, not all cats show interest
My cat Kiki loves these, as well as the cats at the animal shelter. What we normally do there is put the mice in a peek-a-boo box to make them even more fun, although a select few cats there do show disinterest. The toys don't last too long, but they are inexpensive, so we could get more. Also a great stocking stuffer for cats at Christmas time!
Pros: price, slideability, carryability
Cons: tails
Our cats love these mice: they're one of their favorites for batting around on the floor. They slide nicely on hardwood or laminate and are also small enough for a cat to carry in her mouth. I cut the tails off before they're used since one of our cats has a bad habit of eating toy mouse tails.

A great deal for the price.
Pros: Kitten loves them, very inexpensive, easy to get, cute
Cons: Made in China, might not be suitable if you have a cat that is a chewer or older cat, my adult cats not interested in them.
I recently bought these for my new kitten, approx. four months old, give or take.

So far she really enjoys them! Regularly playing with these. She mainly just tosses them around by the tail and chases after them, or bats them around with her paws. They are really cute, and look realistic when the kitten is carrying one around by the tail.

She isn't trying to rip them apart (At least not yet, so who knows) but it is worth keeping in mind for other cat owners if they are concerned about that. Might not work out if one has a kitty that tears at things or might swallow. These items are pretty small, appropriate for a little mouth but maybe not so great for a really big cat.

Not quite too delicate, but not quite hardy either. 

My other cats, ages 6 years old and up, are not interested in these. Just the little one! Which is not surprising and works out anyway.

Altogether, if you fancy something that is quick, easy, temporary, cost effective and kitten-likable, it might be worth having a go.
5.00 star(s)
Pros: -my kitten loves them;relatively sturdy;the tail can be used to affix it to a cat wand (which is how my kitty loves it!);very inexpensive
Cons: made in China;small enough that your cat can eat the whole thing, so if you have a large cat with pica or some such, you may want something else.
I picked up a set of these just before I got my new kitten. She enjoyed it as a thrown to her kind of toy, but she goes absolutely bonkers when I use it with a wand. I have it skitter around and hide under furnature and my kitty is entranced, playing in absolute bliss for the better part of an hour at a time, with only a brief pause to use the litter box mid session. At the end I flick it out of site,throw another identical mouse there, then move it before she can see, so it seems like she's caught it. Like most Siamese, my kitten is smart as a whip, and I don't think that the switch actually fools her for an instant (if you have a sweet but dumb cat like my parents used to a few years back, it probably would), but she definitely appreciates getting to grab and bat around and mouth carry an identical mouse afterwards.

IMO, If you have a cat and like to use a wand with your cat, you should buy a pack. even if your kitty doesn't like them, you are literally only out a couple of dollars.
Pros: Cats love this, great price
Cons: NONE!!!
My cats love these mice.  I got them before I left my cats with someone because I went on vacation.  My cats bring them to different rooms in houses.
Pros: Easy to keep clean, inexpensive
Cons: Cats weren't interested
Though these are catnip filled, there was very little interest from any of the cats, even the catnip crazy ones. The bodies are smooth and easy to clean. They are also small, so maybe some kittens would be more interested. The 3 kittens I tried them with did play with them in passing, but like the fur mice better.
Pros: Inexpensive, disposable, entertaining
Cons: cats eat them
I bought a bunch of these for a game at my daughters birthday party.  We enlarged a photo of the cat, pasted it to card board, cut a hole in the mouth and it made a perfect "throw the mouse in the mouth" game.  The cats loved them and once they were full of cat spit I threw them out.  They are small so I did find some under the couch and fridge.  They are not indestructible so I found some of them with missing tails and ears... but for the price, they served our purpose and the cats did favor them. Since the parts come off in little pieces, we had no choking or digestion issues.  These were a great alternative to the little "puff balls" which DID get stuck in kitty's digestive tract and caused much trouble.  NEVER give your kitten a small round puff ball to play with!
Pros: Real mouse sized toy that they like to bat at and carry around. Pretty cheap.
Cons: Tails quickly eaten, not durable, easily lost, could be choking hazard.
I got these when my cats were kittens. They really like the small size...which also makes them really easy to lose. I ended up buying three packs of these (9 mice) and have only seen one in many months... after moving a bookshelf it was wedged under. The small size makes them easily lost in any little nook and cranny in your house. The cats chewed the tails off most of them at some point and hopefully passed any they ate. Their small size also means an industrious cat could attempt to swallow them whole and cause major problems. For those reasons I don't have any toys that small anymore aside from their ping pong balls. I made my own stuffed "mice" that are more obese hamster sized out of fleece. I made the tails out of a thick duck cloth folded over and strong upholstery thread. The cats like them just as well and I feel the size is safer and the material more durable. None of the canvas tails have been chewed yet.